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Keyword: The Oslo ‘peace process’

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Book Review

Israel's chief negotiator reveals the dynamics behind the Oslo

Crescent International

Ramadan 15, 14302009-09-05

The Process: 1,100 Days that changed the Middle East by Uri Savir. Pub: Vintage Books, New York, USA, 1999. Pp: 336. Pbk: $15.00.


US/Israeli roadmap to a new regional order

Crescent International

Safar 29, 14242003-05-01

The Oslo ‘peace process’ was finally buried at Camp David in July 2000 when the Palestinians refused then Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak’s ‘generous’ offer of a final settlement. It was immediately clear that Israel’s object was to kill the peace process, while blaming the Palestinians for its demise...

Occupied Arab World

Beyond the headlines: Occupied territories as hell on earth

M.S. Ahmed

Sha'ban 01, 14181997-12-01

The smokescreen that is alternatively known as the ‘peace process’ is obscuring not only Israel’s long-term plan to steal the occupied territories but also the fact that the region has become a virtual hell-on-earth as a result of the economic, political and ‘security’ measures adopted...

Occupied Arab World

Even conservative Arabs irked by Israeli intransigence

Khalil Marwan

Rabi' al-Awwal 27, 14181997-08-01

Nearly four years after the Oslo agreement of September 13, 1993, and numerous kicks in the teeth later, Arab rulers have realised that it is virtually impossible to deal with the Zionist occupiers of Palestine.

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