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Keyword: Roshan Muhammed Salih

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News & Analysis

January 2019: A Month of Israeli Illegitimacy

Waseem Shehzad

Jumada' al-Ula' 26, 14402019-02-01

The Zionists use different ruses to hoodwink gullible Muslims into embracing their narrative. Thanks to the efforts of one alert Muslim journalist Salih Muhammad Roshan of 5pillarsuk.com, such sneaky attempts have been thwarted causing great angst to the Zionists.

Book Review

Useful Insights on Mainstream and Muslim Media

Iqbal Siddiqui

Rabi' al-Awwal 12, 14392017-12-01

Roshan Salih’s book about journalism, almost a memoir, makes fascinating reading as he provides insights into the workings of Western as well as Muslim media outlets. He has worked for both.

News & Analysis

Al-Jazeera’s latest sensationalism again exposes its sinister agenda

Waseem Shehzad

Jumada' al-Ula' 04, 14382017-02-01

Al Jazeera tries to project itself as the voice of the Arab street but in reality it is an echo chamber for Western propaganda.

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