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Keyword: Occupy the masjids

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Occupy the masjids to liberate them!

Salina Khan

Safar 19, 14342013-01-01

A masjid ought to be more than simply a fancy building where people just come to offer salat. Frustrated by lack of meaningful activities in the masjids, Salina Khan argues they ought to be occupied by activist Muslims to liberate them.


British police raid and occupy mosque as part of campaign to justify war on Iraq

Faisal Bodi

Dhu al-Qa'dah 29, 14232003-02-01

They were supposed to be the British government’s piece de resistance in its domestic war on terror: the smoking guns that confirmed the presence of al-Qa’ida cells in Britain. But a recent wave of police raids on homes, charities and, most spectacularly, a mosque in London have provoked accusations that the government is scapegoating the Muslim community in order to boost support for its involvement in the impending war against Iraq.

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