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Keyword: Muslim Charities

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Ramadan, Charity and Institution Building in Islam


Ramadan 19, 14422021-05-01

Islam considers giving in the way of Allah and feeding the hungry and poor as meritorious act especially in the month of Ramadan. There is, however, another aspect that most Muslims have not paid attention to: the reasons for poverty and the need to alleviate it.


Targeting Muslim charities in Britain

Fahad Ansari

Dhu al-Hijjah 03, 14292008-12-01

On November 12, the Palestinian Relief and Development Fund, Interpal received notification from their bank, the Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB), that Lloyds TSB (their clearing bank) had served notice on IBB to cease all dealings with Interpal. Clearing banks are responsible for processing all financial transactions.


Muslim charities in US feel the force of anti-Islamic crackdown

Tahir Mahmoud

Shawwal 17, 14222002-01-01

In a move to cripple Muslim charitable work, the US government moved against three leading charities during Ramadhan, accusing them of “supporting terrorism”.

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