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Are the Masjid really MasajidAllah Part 4

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Rabi' al-Awwal 25, 14332012-02-17

his day, Friday, is a day in which we speak the truth and we speak truth to power. This is part of our understanding of taqwa. We are expected to avoid Allah’s punishment and Allah’s power presence not these other transient and feeble powers around. We take this attitude and we locate ourselves with Allah’s Prophet as we have been doing for many Jum’ahs now. We spoke about the liberation of Makkah and what was left after the liberation of Makkah- was what may be called a mopping up operation. At Ta’if, the twin city of Makkah, remained resistant to Allah and His Prophet and the ongoing numbers of committed Muslims; but it was only a matter of a few weeks after the liberation of Makkah and At Ta’if itself- Thaqif was to Makkah what Quraysh was to Makkah- succumbed to this new Islamic reality.

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