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Keyword: Justice System

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Occasional Paper

Study finds 1 in 25 US death row inmates likely innocent

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Akhirah 29, 14352014-04-29

The US justice system is grossly unjust, as a new study into the number of people convicted of murder has just shown. Conducted out by legal experts, the study has found that more than 4.1 percent of people on death row, most of them African-Americans or Hispanics, have been wrongfully convicted.

Special Reports

Legal case highlights the growing criminalisation of Islam in Britain

Fahad Ansari

Safar 23, 14292008-03-01

Last month, five young Muslims in Britain were cleared of terrorism charges on appeal, in the latest of a series of trials of Muslims in Britain. FAHAD ANSARI discusses the implications of the case and the growing criminilizations of Islam in Britain.

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