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Keyword: Imam Ali al-Ridha

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Occasional Paper

Imam 'Ali Ar-Rida (a) [Lecture 13]

Hamid Algar

Sha'ban 06, 14222001-10-23

The life and legacy of the 8th Imam – Imam Ali al-Rida [AS]. As was always the case, the death of the preceding Imam [AS] Imam Musa al-Kazim [AS] was accompanied with a degree of uncertainty and division within the community about the identity of the successor. On this occasion however the disagreement and confusion was relatively minor and short lived, almost the entirety of the Shi’i community came to accept Imam Ali al-Rida [AS] as the 8th Imam [AS] and as the successor to Imam Musa al-Kazim [AS].

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