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Keyword: Hypocrisy

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Letters To The Editor

Human suffering

Ayesha C. Pollock

Sha'ban 04, 14382017-05-01

Why are some people considered worthy of more attention than others? Hypocrisy about this phenomenon must be exposed.

Letters To The Editor

Gitmo forever!

Mohammed Khan Yousufzai

Rajab 22, 14342013-06-01

Barack Obama has proved to be a hypocrite. He had promised in January 2009 to close Guantanamo Bay but hundreds still languish there, writes Mohammed Khan Yousufzai from Pakistan.


Masjid Ad Diraar Part 3

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Rabi' al-Thani 19, 14342013-03-01

These are the two ayaat 107 and 108 of Surah Al Bara’ah or Surah At Tawbah. These ayaat have a history to them and ayaat (or) messages from Allah are better understood if they are social ayaat in the context that they came to disclose or to explain or to expand. These two ayaat speak about a Masjid that was built with an agenda, in today’s language. The Masjid was built with an agenda. On the surface it’s a Masjid- no one can take issue with a Masjid, someone is building a Masjid but if there is a hidden plan behind the building of a particular Masjid then it merits light from Allah to expose the nature of the whole project and this is what these ayaat are doing. How did this whole project begin? This is the background and this is the context of these ayaat. We skipped the translation of these ayaat because we take for granted that many of you are familiar with them; we’ve covered them at least once before and time is a factor here. The background information for these ayaat is...

Main Stories

British hypocrisy over Libyan refugees

Fahad Ansari

Rabi' al-Thani 27, 14322011-04-01

The witch-hunt of Qaddafi opponents began on 2 October 2005 with the arrest and detention of five Libyan dissidents, who had been granted asylum by the UK, on the grounds that they were a threat to national security.


Obama on the Nile…


Rajab 08, 14302009-07-01

US President Barack Obama’s much-anticipated speech to the Muslim world delivered in Cairo on June 4 was quite rhetorical duly impressing his audience. He touched all the right emotional buttons: commencing his address with the traditional Muslim greeting of Assalamu alaikum and quoting verses from the Qur’an.


The US’s gross hypocrisy over torture, rendition and so much else besides

Crescent International

Dhu al-Hijjah 01, 14262006-01-01

Sitting alongside US senator John McCain at a White House press conference on December 15, announcing that he would support a new law banning cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of terrorist suspects, president George W. Bush looked the very picture of reassurance. “We’ve been happy to work with [McCain] to achieve a common objective,” he said. “And that is to make it clear to the world that this government does not torture and that we adhere to the international convention on torture, be it here at home, or abroad.”

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