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Keyword: Hussein bin Talal

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Occupied Arab World

Husain bin Talal: west mourns the legacy of a tyrant and a traitor

Jenine Bisan

Dhu al-Qa'dah 28, 14191999-03-16

King Husain was a small man, and we are not just talking about his physique, who ruled an artificial kingdom. So, what explains the outpouring of grief in western capitals at his death with four American presidents--one serving and three former--attending his funeral in Amman on February 8 together with presidents and prime ministers from most western countries?

Occupied Arab World

Husain’s expected death will not affect kingdom’s role as US-Israeli proxy

M.S. Ahmed

Ramadan 28, 14191999-01-16

King Husain’s determination to drag his frail body out of its hospital bed to help ‘president’ Yassir Arafat sell out to Israel during the October ‘peace talks’ at the Wye Plantation, Maryland, demonstrates the Hashimite monarch has not lost any of his zeal as a western and Israeli surrogate after 46 years of loyal service...

Occupied Arab World

King Husain: a loyal royal

Crescent International

Rajab 15, 14181997-11-16

In the west, king Husain of Jordan is projected as a plucky little monarch battling enormous odds. His kingdom sandwiched between Israel on the one side and Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia on the other, is in a precarious position.

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