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Daily News Analysis

‘Today terrorism is our common worry’ – The Rahbar

Crescent International

Safar 17, 14372015-11-29

"The bitter events brought about by blind terrorism in France have once again moved me to speak to you young people." In less than a year, the Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei issues his second letter to the youth of Europe and North America. In it, he touches on the terror attacks in France and invites the youth to examine the root causes of such events in order to find corrective measures.

Special Reports

Bridging the global IT gap not a priority for addressing real poverty in the world

Abul Fadl

Dhu al-Qa'dah 07, 14212001-02-01

In an attempt to put a happier face on globalization, G8 (Group of Eight, also known as ‘Greedy Eight’) leaders tried to placate the world’s less fortunate at their summit in Japan last July by promising to set up a Digital Opportunities Task Force (DOT) to identify ways to encourage the spread of technology to the farthest reaches of the “developing world”.

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