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Keyword: Confidence

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Crisis of Confidence Part 2

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Rajab 01, 14322011-06-03

One of the absent components in the way we think and feel today is that you rarely come across Muslims who are balanced/have a depth of experience and at the same time have a range of ambition. It is very rare that you will find Islamic characters/personnel/persons who are confident enough- meaning that Allah and His Prophet have saturated their minds/conscience to such a degree that they carry with them enough experience and that they are so composed that they don’t react to the triggers, (there’s so many of them around), that are so prevalent and at the same time they carry within them the ambition/confidence to say “they are working for victory.” This last sentence “they are working for victory” is something Muslims have to concentrate on, not in a reactionary sense/fanatical way/reckless attitude and definitely not with an absence of thinking. There are quite a number of ayaat in Allah’s guiding scripture, Al Qur’an that brings these elements together.

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