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Book Review

New book on Malcolm X aims to fill gap between myth and legend

Zainab Cheema

Rajab 29, 14322011-07-01

Considered already by many to be a definitive work, Professor Manning Marable’s Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention (Penguin Group (USA) Inc., New York, 2011; 594 pages; hbk. $30.00) is reviewed for CI by staff writer Zainab Cheema.

Occasional Paper

Imam Ruhullah al-Musavi al-Khomeini: An Introduction

Hamid Algar

Rabi' al-Awwal 19, 14011981-01-25

IMAM RUHULLAH AL-MUSAVI AL-KHOMEINI was born on September 24, 1902 into a family of strong religious traditions in Khumayn, a small town some hundred kilometers to the southwest of Tehran.1 Both his grandfather and father were religious scholars. The former, Sayyid Ahmad, was known as al-Hindi because of a period he had spent in India, where a distant branch of the family is said still to exist.

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