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When two quarrel, both are in the wrong

Abu Dharr

Shawwal 07, 14382017-07-01

The Saudis first launched their sectarian crusade against the Islamic Republic of Iran, now they have gone after Qatar, a fellow Wahhabi bastion. Their quarrel is pathetic and childish and aims to protect Zionist Israel.

News & Analysis

Bin Salman’s Numerous War Crimes

Zafar Bangash

Shawwal 07, 14382017-07-01

The list of crimes perpetrated by Mohammed Bin Salman is long and horrific: Syria, support of terrorism, destruction of Yemen to now taking on Qatar and the Islamic Republic. He should be tried for war crimes.


Ignorant men threaten more wars


Ramadan 06, 14382017-06-01

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defence Minister Muhammad bin Salman has found a real daddy in Donald Trump. Both are warmongers and want to blow up the world.

Letters To The Editor

Muslim media

Professor Shahid Hussain

Dhu al-Hijjah 06, 14352014-10-01

There is urgent need for Muslims to develop their own media but it would not come about through the Muslim regimes.

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