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Keyword: Abd al-Malik al-Huthi

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News & Analysis

Yemen ceasefire: What Chance for Peace?

Brecht Jonkers

Jumada' al-Ula' 26, 14402019-02-01

Despite a much-touted ceasefire in Hodaydah that was negotiated in Sweden, the Saudi war-mongers and aggressor and their co-conspirators are doing everything to undermine it.

Occupied Arab World

Zaidi uprising against Yemeni government flares again

Nasr Salem

Safar 11, 14282007-03-01

A revolt which had been smouldering in the rugged mountains of northern Yemen for nearly three years has flared up again in the last few weeks. Hundreds of government troops, Zaidi Shi’as and civilians have died in clashes since early January; rebels led by Abd al-Malik al-Huthi have ignored a series of ultimatums that the government issued to the effect that they should disarm and surrender or be “rooted out.”

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