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Will India carry out another false flag operation and blame Pakistan during Trump's visit?

Crescent International

Donald Trump and India's fascist prime minister Narendra Modi embrace each other in their bromance to work on another sinister policy. One wants to undermine a rising China, the other to undermine neighbouring Pakistan. Will they succeed in their sinister activities will become clear over the next two days.

While most commentators have focused on US-India trade during Donald Trump’s two-day visit to India starting Monday February 24, there is fear of another, more sinister plot that Delhi might perpetrate again.

The evil men—and some women—that rule India today may be plotting a false flag operation killing their own people and blame it on Pakistan.

It is a long-standing policy of India to paint arch-rival Pakistan in the most negative way.

The Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is quite capable of perpetrating such horrific acts against its own people.

This is not mere speculation.

During US President Bill Clinton’s visit to India in 2000 (March 19-25), a massacre was perpetrated in the village of Chatti-Singpora, south of Srinagar in Indian occupied Kashmir, on the night of March 20.

The massacre occurred when 30 to 40 heavily armed men dressed in military uniform, entered the village of Chatti-Singpora, 75km south of the summer capital, Srinagar, late on Monday night.

The armed men claimed to be on an “inspection” visit.

The “inspection” turned out to be a bloodbath of innocent Sikhs in their place of worship.

Then Indian National Security advisor, Brajesh Mishra immediately blamed “Pakistani-backed militants” for the massacre.

Clinton, however, did not swallow Indian propaganda. Aware that India is quite capable of such false flag operations, he was guarded in his statement.

He condemned “the killing of innocent people” that could be perpetrated, and called the atrocity “a horrible development”, but insisted the atrocity needed thorough investigation.

We have first to know who did it,” Clinton asserted.

There is little doubt the CIA had knowledge of the real perpetrators and Clinton sensibly did not fall for India’s horrific crime and allegation.

It has now been conclusively proved that the massacre was carried out by India’s intelligence agency RAW.

Should India’s RAW carry out another terrorist act, would Trump show the same degree of understanding as Clinton did?

Trump is an unscrupulous businessman. For personal benefit, he would do or accept anything.

Would the evil men in Delhi led by Narendra Modi and his Home Minister Amit Shah (he faces murder and rape charges!) dangle a carrot of trade concessions in return for accusing Pakistan?

Indo-US trade was nearly $145 billion in 2018.

Trump is upset because the US has deficit of $25 billion.

“They’ve been hitting us very, very hard for many, many years,” Trump said of India ahead of his visit.

India, meanwhile, has been trying to push the millions of beggars and homeless off the streets of cities Trump will visit.

In Ahmedabad, several kilometres-long wall has been erected to hide the slums where Trump’s motorcade will pass.

In preparations for Trump and Melania’s visit to the famous Taj Mahal in Agra, a massive cleanup operation is underway.

The Yumna river that flows behind the famous Taj Mahal is a stinking cesspool. Carcasses of dead animals, ashes of the dead and human excreta float in its stinking water.

Indian authorities have been flooding millions of litres of water to flush the filth, not with much success, one must add.

Along with stinking water, Agra, like India’s capital city Delhi is battling some of the world’s filthiest air.

Pollution stains the white marble of the monument and Indian authorities have allowed it to deteriorate.

Then there are thousands of aggressive monkeys that have been known to attack visitors.

Some people say the monkeys have acquired their aggressive behavior from the Hindu terrorist outfit RSS that is the parent organization of the ruling BJP.

For the record, the Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan in 1631 in memory of his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal who died after giving birth to her fourteenth child following prolonged labor.

She was 38 years old and left Shah Jahan heart-broken.

Today, India is disenfranchising its 200 million Muslim citizens under the discriminatory acts called Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Citizens Registration (NCR).

The US is using India to undermine a rapidly rising China. Will Trump succeed in convincing the aggressive BJP stalwarts to join his crusade against Beijing?

Informed observers are of the view that India’s main aim would be to tarnish Pakistan.

Will it succeed in this evil plan will become clear over the next 36 hours.

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