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Week In Review

US regime in an all-out crackdown on alternative media

Gareth Porter, a renowned American historian and investigative journalist, writing for the Grayzone, an independent news website, highlighted how the FBI is increasing its clampdown on publications critical of US foreign policy by shutting down their social media accounts.

Porter noted that since 2017, after the creation of a Foreign Influence Task Force (FTIF) in the bureau’s Counterintelligence Division, the FBI “defined any effort by states designated by the Department of Defense as major adversaries (Russia, China, Iran and North Korea) to influence American public opinion as a threat to US national security… in February 2020, the FBI defined that threat in much more specific terms and implied that it would act against any online media outlet that was found to fall within its ambit.”

FBI’s blatant clampdown against alternative media outlets is another sign of US imperial decline. It can no longer manipulate global public opinion as it did in the 1990s. The US empire’s brutality has been unmasked and contemporary communication technologies make it difficult for Washington to control the global political, social and economic narrative.

Courtesy: the Grayzone.

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