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US forces desecrate the noble Qur’an, again

Crescent International

It seems American soldiers take special pleasure in insulting Muslim sensitivities as happened yet again in Afghanistan's Wardak Province last night. American soldiers barged into a village mosque in the province and not only desecrated the mosque with their filthy boots but also desecrated copies of the Quran. There were immediate protests when word spread of the latest American outrage.

Peshawar, Crescent-online
Tuesday January 7, 2014, 10:47 EST

Why Americans think that they can insult other people and desecrate their sacred book without evoking any negative reaction?

The latest American forces’ outrage occurred in a village in Wardak province when soldiers raided a mosque not only desecrating it with their filthy boots but also desecrating the noble Qur’an.

As soon as word of the Americans’ sacrilegious behavior spread, a large number of people poured into the streets to condemn the act that quickly turned into demands for the withdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan.

Protesters set to fire the American flag as well as to effigies of US President Barack Obama. They also chanted anti-American slogans and demanded that the perpetrators of this heinous crime be punished.

They blocked the Kabul-Qandahar that passes through Wardak Province. The highway is frequently used by US troops although because of attacks, they prefer to fly in helicopters. The highway is used to transport equipment and other war materiel.

The Americans have shown a callous disregard for Muslim sensitivities. From barging into people’s homes in the middle of the night and shooting people dead, to desecrating copies of the noble Book are some of their practices that have caused deep resentment among Afghans.

In March 2013, several Afghans were killed in clashes with police when they protested the Americans’ desecration of the noble Qur’an. A year earlier, the Americans had taken a large number of copies of the Qur’an—about 400—and set them on fire on a garbage dump.

This led to several days of protests and dozens of Afghan deaths in police shooting. The Americans promised to provide sensitivity training to their soldiers but as the latest episode shows, they have not done a good job of it.

Closer to the truth they simply do not care.

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