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US Army’s Retreat from Syria: The Saigon Moment for the Middle East

Crescent International

In the Muslim world the gullible and agent provocateurs often peddle the narrative that if the US retreats from somewhere, it is not because it was defeated or outmaneuvered; rather it “wanted to withdraw.”

This narrative allows the US to maintain its hyped-up image as a superpower. America’s experience in Vietnam, Cuba, Iran and now Syria, reflects a different reality.

Washington can be forced to retreat when it is confronted with courage, as the latest events in Syria show.

The latest video footage of retreating American soldiers meeting advancing Syrian Army on the road between Manbij and Kobani is a psychological breaking point for the Muslim world.

The images widely circulated online and on the screens of corporate media outlets are as iconic as the US scramble out of Saigon in 1975.

Over the past two decades, the only footage Muslims have been exposed to was US troops marching into Muslim lands and creating mayhem.

The balance of power has clearly shifted. Since 2011, Washington and its vassals invested everything they had to remove Islamic Iran from Syria. It did not work.

Iran and Hizbullah are present in Syria today in a far more active manner than they were prior to 2011.

The latest US retreat from significant parts of Northern Syria signifies a collaborated regional approach to boot the US out from areas where it does not belong.

Over the past few days, Russian, Turkish, Iranian and Syrian political-military maneuvers have symbolized the success of regional politicking over imperialist ploys.

Another crucial factor of the US abandoning its Kurdish and ISIS proxies in Syria is confirmation to people in the Middle East not to conduct their affairs by relying on imperialist promises.

Allah warns the committed Muslims in the noble Qur’an: “O you who are firmly committed to Allah (the covenant-bearing Muslims)! Do not take the political Jews (Zionists) and political Christians (imperialists) as your masters; they are allies of one another; and whoever amongst you takes them for a master, then he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people” (5:51).

The opposite is equally true: Political Christians and Political Jews would never accept Muslims political masters. Do Muslims have no self-respect?

For decades, Kurdish political factions have tied their political destiny to US and Israeli partition projects of Muslim countries.

Unfortunately, the Kurdish political caste has not learnt anything from the fate of Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Qadhafi and the puppet regime in Yemen.

In coming days if Iran, Turkey and Syria, through Russian mediation achieve de-escalation of tensions, the region will gain confidence to resolve strategic matters without NATO meddling.


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