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Thousands at Toronto rally denounce Trump's 'steal of the century'

A Contributor from Toronto

More than a thousand people rallied outside the US Consulate in Toronto today to denounce Trump's so-called deal of the century that the protesters dubbed "steal of the century".

Called by Palestine House and a number of peace organizations in Canada, the rally categorically rejected the outrageous proposals contained in the deal.

Reflecting the colonial nature of the "deal", the Palestinians were not even consulted.

A number of rabbis from Neturei Karta were also present. This group of honorable Jewish rabbis and indeed many other honorable anti-Zionist Jewish people were present at the rally in solidarity with the Palestinians and their just rights.

Since 2017, the Palestinians have cut off all contacts with the Trump regime because he unilaterally declared Jerusalem as the "capital" of Israel. Apart from a few two-bit player countries dependent for survival on US largesse, no major power has accepted Trump's embassy move.

Many in fact have denounced Trump's unilateral actions in total disregard of Palestinian rights and international law.

Trump's so-called deal of the century has been crafted under direction from Netanyahu. He got his wish list in its entirety: Jerusalem completely under Zionist control, recognition of illegal Zionist settlements as "legitimate" and for the Palestinians a mere 15% of the total territory of original Palestine split into Bantustans.

Is it surprising that even Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority and hitherto a US-Zionist puppet also denounced the deal. He said he would not sell Palestine for all the gold in the world.

Unveiled on January 28 in Washington DC with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu standing next to him, Trump said it was a 'good deal' and would bring peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

Far from bringing peace, the Trump-Netanyahu deal is a recipe for further violence and disaster for the region.

The Palestinians were asked to sign their own death warrant. Would it surprise any person with even an iota of sense to understand that they would not. And yet, Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, a real estate tycoon who crafted the 181-page deal under Netanyahu's direction, berated the Palestinians for rejecting this nonsensical deal.

It has also exposed the Arabian rulers yet again as puppets of the US and Israel. Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank roundly condemned the Arabian rulers for their treachery.

Even American politicians have denounced Trump's deal and warned that it would only lead to more violence. Democratic presidential contenders Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and even Joe Biden denounced it. Former US President Jimmy Carter also condemned it.

Palestinians of all stripes have vowed to come together and launch a new intifadah against another gross injustice.

The timing of Trump's announcement is also revealing. He was facing an impeachment trial in the US Senate while Netanyahu had just been indicted on three counts of fraud in Israel.

Netanyahu is heading for another election in March while Trump faces a tough fight in November.

Both men have tried to divert attention from their crimes by stabbing the Palestinians. For 72 years, the Palestinians have not disappeared and they will not disappear with this nonsensical deal. Instead, they have been brought together by this deal transcending all political differences.

Trump and Netanyahu may have triggered another intifadah in Palestine one that would be more determined and lasting than the previous ones. And this time, they would not find many Palestinians collaborators either to support their nefacrious agenda.

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