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Week In Review

The Grayzone points out flaws in anti-Syrian narrative

Analyzing the latest US sanctions against Syria, the Grayzone, a news website managed by Max Blumenthal, an award-winning American journalist, states, “Inspired by photos that Western governments and media claim were smuggled out of Syria by a supposed Syrian military whistleblower codenamed ‘Caesar,’ the sanctions are the product of a highly deceptive intelligence operation orchestrated by the US and Qatari governments… Shockingly, investigators have determined that at least half of the photographs in the ‘Caesar’ trove depict the bodies of government soldiers killed by the armed opposition. This highly inconvenient fact, which undermines the entire narrative of Caesar’s promoters and exposes them as cynical liars, has been ignored across the board by mainstream US media, Congress, and of course, by the network of operatives that managed ‘Caesar’.”

Over the past week numerous analysts have pointed out that the latest round of sanctions will hurt Syria’s civilian population and is unlikely to lead to the collapse of the Syrian state.

Sanctions will likely increase Iranian, Russian and Chinese economic cooperation with Damascus to prevent the collapse of the Syrian state.

All three countries have geopolitical interests in maintaining Syria’s integrity.

Syria will disintegrate if the disorganized and marginal militias seize power.

Courtesy: The Grazyzone

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