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Terrorists kill hundreds during ceremony marking General Solaimani’s anniversary

Crescent International

Two explosive-filled bags detonated 10 minutes apart near the burial site of the martyred General Qassem Solaimani today.

Hundreds of thousands of people were marching toward the burial site to mark his martyrdom anniversary in his home town of Kerman.

It was near the burial site that the first explosion occurred.

Iran’s Press TV, citing Kerman’s Emergency Organization said 103 people were killed and 141 injured, some in critical condition.

The death toll is expected to rise because of the serious injuries sustained by people.

The first explosion occurred some 700 meters from the grave of General Soleimani and the second one about one kilometer away, according to the Islamic Republic news agency (IRNA).

Another news agency, the Tasnim news agency cited unnamed sources as saying that two bags loaded with explosives, were remotely detonated that caused the explosions.

IRNA also quoted an informed source as saying that two bombed bags detonated by remote control caused the explosions.

The first explosion occurred at 14:50 local time.

The second one took place 10 minutes later, according Kerman Mayor Saeed Tabrizi, ISNA reported.

Iran’s Red Crescent Society said three rescuers were killed by the second blast.

In fact, most of the casualties occurred in the second explosion because people rushed to help those who were injured.

This was also confirmed by Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi.

He vowed that “this terrorist act will be met with a powerful and crushing response from the security and military apparatuses in the shortest possible time.”

The fact that the bombs in Kerman were detonated by remote control indicates US-zionist involvement.

These regimes have agents inside Iran that carry out such dastardly crimes.

On December 29, 2023, four people were hanged in Iran for carrying out acts of sabotage on behalf of the Israeli spy agency, Mossad.

Only a day earlier (January 2), the zionist terrorists assassinated Hamas Political Bureau’s deputy head, Saleh al-Arouri in Beirut, Lebanon.

The missile that killed al-Arouri and six of his companions in their vehicle was fired from an Israeli drone.

The zionist terrorists are getting desperate.

With their total military and political failure in Gaza despite three months’ relentless bombing, they have gone berserk.

They are thrashing about like wounded beasts.

The assassinations and terrorist acts abroad are proof of their desperation.

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