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Taliban 2.0 defeat US imperialism

Crescent International

By Dr Ahmed Haroon Jazbhay

Wherever the US goes or supports illegitimate regimes or groups, whether in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria or Yemen, it brings nothing but chaos, death and destruction.

Indigenous movements in these countries have been a major thorn in the side of American imperial adventures.

Afghanistan is the most recent case in point.

American imperialism’s humiliation in Afghanistan is worse than its experience in Vietnam.

Scenes from the frantic evacuation of US staff from its sprawling embassy rooftop in Kabul mirror the equally frantic evacuation from Saigon (now Hu Chi Min City), Vietnam in 1975.

The US economy is on its knees and imperialist adventures that keep it afloat through military incursions abroad are ending in disaster.

A seemingly backward group with rudimentary military training and hardware, has defeated yet another empire wanting to take control, albeit indirectly, of its sovereign territory.

Yet the empire insists on learning no lessons.

Whatever one’s view of the Taliban, their historic victory is a resounding defeat of colonialism and imperialism.

This should be the main narrative of media around the world, rather than the feigning concern about rights of women and children we are being sold by mainstream media establishments.

Despite 20 years of imperial propaganda and military might against the Taliban, this indigenous movement has been able to emerge stronger than ever before.

Taliban 2.0 appear to be politically, economically and militarily mature, understand the realpolitik of the region to make alliances with key states such as Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan.

The defeat of American imperialism in Afghanistan is a welcomed development and we must remain cautiously optimistic that its new rulers will afford all Afghans, most notably women and children, their inalienable human rights to education, work, safety and equality.

Unlike their earlier outlook, Taliban 2.0 appear to be cognisant of the neo-colonial trap of sectarianism and tribalism, something that contributed to their downfall in the past.

This is evident by their reaching out to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a scenario unthinkable two decades ago.

It is imperative that the Taliban join the axis of resistance comprising Islamic Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas thereby creating a formidable challenge to the illegitimate Zionist entity and its allies.

The defeat of US imperialism in Afghanistan has sent shockwaves among America’s client state Israel, whose existence is premised on US patronage.

One thing is clear: without American patronage, no illegitimate entity is secure from the aspirations of indigenous peoples around the world for freedom and liberation.

It is a clear warning to all those in the global South who cooperate, facilitate or collude with NATO invasions.

The US-installed president, Ashraf Ghani, fled to neighbouring Tajikistan after brief negotiations ensuring a bloodless transfer of power to the Taliban.

He has now been given refuge in the UAE.

His downfall ought to warn all US agents who enthusiastically serve as proxies for the empire, to be wary.

Ultimately, his US-funded, trained and supported security forces vanished in the same way his American patrons dumped him.

Arab surrogates of US imperialism are also shaking.

They now understand that their patron will dump them in an instant, without even saying a courteous goodbye, when their geopolitical utility as a client-state expires.

Taliban’s re-emergence defines US cowardice for despots.

A new era for Afghanistan has dawned.

After defeating US imperialism, the Taliban now have a unique opportunity of constructing a new order in the country, one based on the Islamic principles of freedom, equality and justice for all.

Dr. Ahmed Haroon Jazbhay is Executive Member at the Media Review Network, Johannesburg, South Africa

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