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Subramaniam Swamy, fascist from India’s ruling party, spews more venom against Muslims

Crescent International

Spewing hatred against Muslims is now the norm in Modi-ruled India.

Subramanian Swamy, parliamentarian for India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), made no secret of his hatred for Muslims.

In an interview with Isobel Yeung of Vice, he unabashedly declared that Article 14 of India’s constitution granting equal rights to all citizens did not apply to Muslims.

Swamy insisted “The law ensures equal rights for equals.” (emphasis added)

“Are all people not equal? Are Muslims not equal In India?” asked Yeung, incredulously.

“No, not all people are equal, Muslims do not fall into the equal category,” Swamy said.

Yeung shared snippets of the video on Twitter on April 2 (the full interview will air on VICE, Sunday April 5).

On Twitter, Vice News put out the following:



“India has been engulfed in riots (sic) after suddenly stripping nearly 2M people of their citizenship. @IsobelYeungtravels to India to see how a newly-enacted law has signaled to India’s 200M Muslims that they are the true target.”

Many journalists, including those that are generally fair in reporting the horrific events in India, fall for the standard line describing anti-Muslim pogroms as ‘riots’ in India.

This implies that both Hindus and Muslims are equally responsible for the violence.

This is complete mischaracterization of the ground realities.

Muslims were the victims of Hindutva mobs that were armed with clubs, chains, knives and guns in the February 23-25 attacks on the predominantly Muslim locality of Shiv Vihar in Mustafabad in northeast Delhi.

In many instances, even the police joined in attacking Muslims.

The New York Times in its report about Hindu mob attacks against Muslims said that evidence suggested the city police “concertedly moved against Muslims” and “actively helped Hindu mobs”.

Muslims were hacked to death or their skulls crushed.

In two gruesome episodes, an elderly 85-year-old woman was burned to death in her third- floor apartment while a mother and child were buried alive by frenzied Hindu mobs.

Hindu mob violence against Muslims has a long history but it has become much more virulent since Modi came to power in 2014.

He honed his murderous skills in Gujarat in February 2002 when he was chief minister of the state.

More than 2,000 Muslims including women and children were murdered in cold blood in that mass slaughter.

Since his re-election last May, Modi has moved to strip Muslims of their fundamental rights.

One is the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) that stripped two million Muslims of their citizenship rights under the spurious claim that they do not have documents to prove their citizenship.

This would apply to the overwhelming majority of people in India where birth certificates are unheard of, as indeed are other identity papers.

When Yeung asked about the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, Swamy alleged: “We know where the Muslim population is large there is always trouble — because the Islamic ideology says so.”

In order to remove any doubts about his racism, he went on: “If Muslim [population] becomes more than 30 per cent [in any country], that country is in danger.”

When Ms. Yeung pointed out that his comments sounded like language of hatred, Swamy was unabashed.

“It is easy to call this hatred; I am being kind to them by not letting them enter India.”

Swamy’s hate-filled comments about Muslims evoked a strong response from Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In his twitter message, Khan said that BJP leadership is now openly speaking about Muslims like Nazis spoke about Jews.

Imran Khan


The RSS inspired BJP leadership in the 21st century openly speaking about the 200 million Muslims just as the Nazis spoke about the Jews.

Unfortunately, no other Muslim ruler—big or small—has had the moral courage to condemn such open bigotry against Muslims by a Hindu fascist.

(Correction: In an earlier version a typo error stated Yeung's interview was conducted on March 2 and will be aired on March 5. It should have been April 2 and April 5 respectively)

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