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Raymond Davis, CIA killer and mercenary

Crescent International

Lahore, Crescent-online

February 25, 2011-2000 EDT

The Raymond Davis saga is beginning to assume the proportions of a spy thriller, literally.Presenting himself as a security contractor with the US Consulate in Lahore.

The Raymond Davis saga is beginning to assume the proportions of a spy thriller, literally.

Presenting himself as a security contractor with the US Consulate in Lahore, Davis has now been exposed as a CIA operative. It would be recalled, he shot and killed two Pakistanis in the old part of Lahore on January 27. After shooting the two Pakistanis in the back five time with a Glock gun--a restricted weapon in Pakistan--Davis casually strode to his car, pulled out his camera and photographed the men he had shot dead in cold blood.

Initially, the US Embassy in Islamabad remained mum but within 24 hours started making strident demands of the Pakistani government saying Davis had "diplomatic immunity" under the Vienna Conventions and should be immediately released.

While the US was maintaining Davis' diplomatic fiction, it was reported--finally--by the New York Times on February 23 that Davis was in fact working for the CIA. There is more to his storty than has so far been revealed. His cell phone had numbers of at least 17 Pakistani Taliban leaders and he had made phone calls to them. There are also reports that Davis had supplied them with radioactive material. This is serious business.

Questions are being asked as to why Davis was in touch with the Pakistani Taliban; what was his role in directing their attacks inside Pakistan and why did he supply them radio-active material? These all point to the fact that his mission was far more sinister. It was to create chaos in Pakistan, to undermine it and to blame it for spreading nuclear material to terrorists so that the US would have the pretext to force Pakistan to give up its nuclear program.

This also explains why the US is exerting so much pressure on Pakistan to release Davis.

The vehicle sent by the US Consulate in Lahore to rescue Davis after he murdered two Pakistanis in cold blood, ran over a pedestrian in the busy bazaar in Lahore by driving into a one-way street. The vehicle sped and despite repeated requests by the Pakistani police to question the occupants of the vehicle, the Consulate refused. It has now been reported that they were spirited out of Pakistan and are safely back in the US.

Davis had been photographing sensitive installations and madrassas for some time, the kind of intelligence gathering that spies do when scouting-out prospective targets. Pakistani papers have also reported that Davis coordinated drone attacks in Waziristan. These attacks have subsided considerably since Davis' arrest.

The Express Tribune, a Pakistani paper, reported on February 23 that Davis had close links with a number of terrorist organizations in Pakistan. It is now becoming clear that the CIA has been behind most terrorist acts in Pakistan. There is speculation that Davis and his CIA accomplices may also have been involved in the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore as well as the November 2009 attack on Mumbai that has been blamed on Pakistan.

In its story on Davis, the Express Tribune wrote: "His cell phone has revealed contacts with two ancillaries of al Qaeda in Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Taliban of Pakistan (TTP) and sectarian Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), which has led to the public conclusion that he was behind terrorism committed against Pakistan’s security personnel and its people ....This will strike people as America in cahoots with the Taliban and al Qaeda against the state of Pakistan targeting, as one official opined, Pakistan’s nuclear installations." ("Raymond Davis: The plot thickens, The Express Tribune)

So it is now coming out into the open that Al Qaeda is CIA-created outfit and that it is working with "ancillaries of al Qaeda in Pakistan". Why are US media outlets silent about the CIA being in cahoots with al-Qaeda terrorists, or is it that they are cut from the same cloth?

Would the Pakistani authorities have the courage to expose the real doings of Davis and his ilk and rid the country of CIA terrorists operating with impunity in Pakistan?


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