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Press Release – Policy for New Paid Submissions

Crescent International

Over the past several months, Crescent International, the oldest monthly Islamic current affairs news-magazine, has been going through internal reforms and modernization process. One of the new policies being instituted for new contributors and fresh content is outlined below.

New contributors can email ( crescent@icit-digital.org ) articles on topics we will announce on our official Facebook page. They should also send their resume.

We will review the articles and select the best ones for publication. For 1200 to 1500-word article, payment will be between $120 - $150 CAD.

All articles must be within the parameters outlined below:

Analytical articles require a two to three sentence introduction based on a news hook. Rather than a general, overarching analysis, the article must offer considered and careful judgment supported with concrete examples.

Analytical article length: Ideal length between 1200 and 1500 words.

KEY ISSUE: A short 100-word statement of your key focus about the issue or news event of the article. – Please email this portion to us prior to proceeding with writing the entire article.

BACKGROUND: 300-400 words of analysis about what has led up to the event or issue and why this issue is critical. Include background information about the views and experiences of people affected/impacted by it.

IMPLICATIONS: 400-600 words of analysis of the ramifications of this event or issue, including where applicable, implications for the future.

CONCLUSIONS: 100-200 words that clearly state your conclusions about the impact of the event or issue.

Other Technicalities:

Times New Roman Font 12-14

Include your name or pen name that you would like to use. We would request avoid names like Abu…

Write your headline – This may be edited.

Write a short description of your article in maximum two sentences.

Try your best to send an image/picture that will go with your article using Google tools. You can sift through using Google tools that are labeled for Re-Use, meaning there are No Copyright infringement rules.

We will go through the entire journalistic process before publishing, which includes fact checking and editing. Thus, all articles will be edited.

Include hyperlinks in your article to back your analysis with reliable data.

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