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New publication blows apart the Official 9/11 Narrative

Crescent International

Those old enough to remember the time period immediately after 9/11 will recall that anyone who deviated even slightly from the official version of the Bush regime was immediately branded an Al-Qaeda sympathizer.

This was especially true if the person was Muslim.

Others were labelled conspiracy theorists.

Twenty-two years later, the official US version of events is unravelling.

It is questioned widely and is no longer confined to the so-called alternative political trend.

On April 27 a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalism non-profit organization, ProPublica published a detailed report showing how “twenty years after the Sept. 11 attacks, declassified FBI documents have changed a big piece of the story about possible Saudi government help to the hijackers.”

The bigger story is only superficially related to the Saudis.

It is much more connected to US agencies.

The Saudi intelligence network in the US was not operating in a vacuum and was led by the Saudi ambassador Bandar bin Sultan, who had deep connections with the US establishment, including then President George W. Bush.

In fact, their relations were so deep that the Saudi ambassador was nicknamed Bandar bin Bush.

According to ProPublica, a document “declassified last year validates the Encore agents’ suspicions.”

That document, dated June 14, 2017, states that from 1998 until the 9/11 attacks, Omar al-Bayoumi “was paid a monthly stipend as a cooptee of the Saudi General Intelligence Presidency (GIP) via then Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan Alsaud.”

In the lexicon of intelligence gathering, a cooptee is generally a diplomat or other official operating under diplomatic cover who is recruited by his government’s spy service for a specific task or mission, usually of lesser importance.

The information that al-Bayoumi gathered “on persons of interest in the Saudi community in Los Angeles and San Diego and other issues, which met certain GIP intelligence requirements, would be forwarded to Bandar,” the FBI report says.

“Bandar would then inform the GIP of items of interest to the GIP for further investigation/vetting or follow up.”

The above information provided by the documents mentioned in the ProPublica, when viewed in the deeper context should raise alarm bells and should have been top news headline for several days.

Instead, it was nowhere to be seen on the websites or TV shows of the corporate media.

Those with even superficial knowledge of global events understand the significance of this explosive revelation.

If a similar story which hinted at connection between al-Qaeda and the government of Venezuela or Iran had emerged, it would have been widely circulated by every media outlet in the west.

People familiar with geopolitics and events in West Asia know that Prince Bandar bin Sultan’s involvement is no small matter and cannot be dismissed as a coincidental bureaucratic issue.

Bandar is no ordinary Saudi pawn of the US.

He has always been a very special tool of Washington’s destabilization policies in the Muslim world.

A decade after 9/11, Bandar became the driving force to empower Al-Qaeda type groups in Syria.

This was with the full backing of the US whose forces still illegally occupy parts of Syria.

In 2022, former Qatari Foreign Minister, Hamad bin Jassim said to a Qatari television that the Military Operations Command in Jordan and Turkey have spent $2 trillion to remove Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.

Guess who oversaw that command?

It was none other than Bandar bin Sultan.

With the latest 9/11 revelations published by ProPublica it has become even more urgent to declassify all US regime documents relating to those fateful events.

What is the regime in the White House afraid of?

It was not a Democratic regime in power at the time when the 911 events occurred.

It would serve the Democrats’ political agenda if they were to expose the Republicans’ involvement with the Saudis in launching an attack on the “homeland”.

The US never tires of projecting itself as the beacon of free press and information and freedom.

There is no legitimate reason to not declassify all the documents relating to 9/11.

All the events which derived from that attack have now come to pass and are known widely.

The US has been booted out of Afghanistan and 9/11 no longer serves as America’s point of reference to advance its aggressive foreign policy agenda.

By fabricating the so-called Muslim threat, America and its surrogates overlooked the real challenge to their hegemony.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is knocking down the pillars of western hegemony in their own geopolitical sphere, not the Muslims.

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