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Muslims have Ignored Qur’anic Guidance in COVID Panic

Salina Khan
Ali Salaam

As Muslims we have been told from childhood that the noble Qur’an contains solutions to all problems facing humanity until the Day of Judgement. We have revealed to you the Book which clarifies every matter.” (Surah An-Nahl [16]:89).

“There is not a single difference of opinion between two persons whose solution is not given in the Book of Allah, the mighty, the glorious. But their intelligence does not fathom its depth.” Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (as), great grandson of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have said.

Naturally, when a global pandemic was declared in early 2020, we turned to Islamic organizations and scholars in America for guidance. From the get-go, we were skeptical of the hegemonic global elite, who Allah refers to in the Qur’an as taghut or allies of Satan and must be shunned. These elites of the taghut system insisted the world must lockdown because a deadly coronavirus escaped a batcave in China and nothing could go back to normal until everyone on planet earth got injected. It shouldn’t be a surprise that it aroused our suspicion. These were the same powers that had for twenty years been killing, imprisoning, and destroying the lives of millions of Muslims to keep people “safe.” This War on Terror campaign had also started with a questionable story about another cave, this one in Tora Bora, Afghanistan, from where Muslim terrorists had allegedly masterminded terrorist attacks on 9/11.

True to His promise, Allah did give clear guidance on how to handle the announcement of a COVID-19 pandemic.

“O you who are firmly committed [to Allah’s here-and-now power presence]! If any depraved person comes to you with [slanderous and propagandistic] information, you are ordered [by Us] to verify it lest you harm people in ignorance and then become regretful for what you have done.” (Surah al-Hujurat [49]:6)

The first thing we are supposed to do when we get news, especially when it is earth shattering and comes from untrustworthy sources like taghut, is to go on a fact-finding mission, according to the wisdom of Allah. Allah directs our attention to figuring out “what” is really going on.

When the world’s corrupt power structure told us two years ago that there was a deadly virus poised to wipe out huge swaths of humanity unless everyone gets with their program, Allah wanted us to investigate and critically analyze all aspects of this information and not blindly accept it. Some possible questions to be considered: Where did this virus come from? Is it a bioweapon? Is it being used for geo-political ends? Is it as deadly as their models say? Is there a solution at hand? What is the best way forward?

The Rahbar, Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei of the Islamic Republic of Iran advised Muslims along these lines in speeches given soon after news broke of the pandemic in March 2020. He told Muslims not to trust the global elite, do rigorous investigations, and come up with our own response while relying on Allah’s assistance. Do not be “forgetful of the plots of enemies and of arrogance,” Imam Khamenei warned.

But none of the top Muslim scholars or organizations in North America, Shia or Sunni, heeded his advice. There were no khutbahs, majlises, panel discussions, or task forces looking at the big picture and trying to figure out “what” was going on. The only American Muslim who openly discussed different perspectives on the COVID situation is academician and journalist Dr. Kevin Barrett, who interestingly, was forced to leave his University of Wisconsin-Madison teaching position in 2006 for questioning the official 9/11 narrative.

Dr. Barrett has been exploring the possible geo-political underpinnings of COVID in his False Flag Weekly News podcasts for two years and also held a COVID origins webinar in May 2020. Indeed, both Dr. Kevin Barrett and Imam Khamenei were labeled top “superspreaders” of COVID conspiracy theories in a February 2021 Associated Press article.

Most other scholars in North America, on the other hand, completely ignored Qur’anic injunctions to critically analyze what we were being told. Instead, they went straight to talking about who we should seek guidance from. Completely absolving themselves of any responsibility in sorting fact from fiction at the cusp of possibly the biggest global transformation in human history, influential Muslim scholars in North America, both Sunni and Shia, sent us to “medical experts” for advice.

“Dear Muslims, listen to the experts when they tell you about their areas of expertise,” American Muslim scholar Yasir Qadhi told people in March 2020. “Listen to me when I say do not go to the ulama for medical advice. The bulk of what we need to do logistically is not going to be found in our people of knowledge. It’s not going to be found in our classical textbooks of fiqh and theology.”

But without any preliminary discussion of “what” was going on, it is an enigma how these scholars concluded that “medical experts” alone could guide us out of this crisis? Moreover, with no specifications from scholars on qualities these “medical experts” should have (are they honest; do they have good reputation or are independent?), most Muslims turned to influential experts affiliated with taghut such as National Institute of Health’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, vaccine investor Bill Gates, World Health Organization’s Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab, and others who dominated round-the-clock mainstream media reports. The latter three—Gates, Tedros, and Schwab—are not medical doctors nor scientists, yet they have a huge influence on post-COVID policies.

Imam Ali warned us against making decisions based on personalities instead of examining facts. When a companion asked Imam Ali during the Battle of Jamal how it was possible that so many well-respected companions were on the other side and all could be wrong in this situation, Imam Ali replied: “You are a person cloaked in confusion, because truth and falsehood are not to be determined by the scope of human behavior or the rank, degree of men; [rather] know the truth and you will know the true, know the falsehood and you will know the falsifiers.”

As the world continues to suffer in the COVID era two years on, we should ask ourselves a very important question: When the pandemic was declared, why did we shun Allah’s order to critically analyze and instead complied with taghut’s agenda when the Qur’an asks us to “comply with Allah and shun taghut”? (Surah an-Nahl [16]:36) Clearly, there is no exception to this rule when taghut declares a public health emergency.

As expected, the Qur’an offers an explanation for our behavior as well as a way to correct it. In a story about the Bani Israel tribe of Prophet Musa (as), Allah explains how their critical thinking skills eroded through years of living under the rule of the tyrannical Pharaoh, who constantly fomented anxiety, fear and hopelessness in their lives. After their cognition was impaired, they became susceptible to following whoever projected power and control in society. In this case it was Samari, a smart and innovative scientist in their midst, who told them to reject Allah and worship a mooing golden calf he manufactured himself.

“The long period, in fact several generations, which they [Bani Israel] spent in the Fira‘onic system, had weakened their level of thinking to such an extent that even now they could not discriminate between idol worship and monotheism,” according to Pakistani scholar Ustadh Syed Jawad Naqvi in his booklet The Role of Women Towards the System of Wilayat.

Most of the world has been living under taghuti structures, and over the past two years these entities have concentrated even more wealth and power as a result of the effects that COVID rules and restrictions have had on the economy and society. The only way to free our minds and be able to make good decisions for this life and the Hereafter is to break free from these oppressive government systems.

Only those who work day in and day out investigating taghut’s plots and plans and actively struggling against them in light of Allah’s guidance remain clear-headed and able to identify the correct paths of action, even in times of crises. If this work seems daunting, Allah assures us that exposing taghut’s lies and dismantling its system is much easier than we think—if we only try.

“Those who are committed to Allah fight in the cause of Allah, whereas those who are bent on denying the truth [of Allah’s power attributes] fight in the cause of taghut. Fight, then against those allies of Satan: verily, Satan’s guile is weak indeed!” (Surah an-Nisa [4]:76).

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 50, No. 12

Jumada' al-Akhirah 29, 14432022-02-01

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