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Mujahideen inflict massive blows on occupation troops in Indian occupied Kashmir: Colonel and major among the dead

Tahir Mahmoud

While Indian occupation troops have intensified their brutal crackdown in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK), the mujahideen have also increased resistance activities in recent days.

In the latest encounter on Sunday (May 03), two senior Indian officers, two soldiers and a sub-inspector of police were killed in Chanjimulla Handwara, a forested area in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district.

Two mujahideen were also martyred in the gunbattle.

Indian military authorities admitted that Colonel Ashutosh Sharma, Major Anup Sood and two soldiers of the 21 Rashtriya Rifles were killed in the encounter with the mujahideen, according to Kashmir Media Service (KMS).

The most authoritative news service on Kashmir, the KMS further reported that Sub-Inspector Mohammad Sagier Qazi of IOK Police’s Special Operation Group was also killed in the encounter.

According to the KMS account, Indian occupation troops “moved close to a cowshed near the house where the mujahideen had taken refuge. The five men later lost contact with colleagues on duty.

“Consequently, the army rushed more personnel including those from elite para forces to the area in a bid to rescue the men with whom contact was lost and to neutralize the mujahideen.”

When additional occupation troops arrived, they found all five men had been killed.

“An army officer confirmed the casualties and said that the bodies of two mujahideen were also recovered. The officer said that a soldier named Shinbe Mangesh sustained injury in his right leg and was hospitalized,” according to the KMS news story.

Early last month (April 5–6), eight Indian Army commandos were killed during an encounter in Zurhama, Keran area of Kupwara district.

Four CRPF personnel were killed and several injured in an ambush two weeks later (April 18) at Noorbagh near Ahad Bab’s crossing in Sopore town.

In the one-month period since April 5, a total of 17 Indian occupation troops have been killed in encounters with the mujahideen in various localities of Kashmir.

While India has clamped down hard since its legal abrogation of Kashmir’s special status last August, the Kashmiri mujahideen have also stepped up their operations.

The Indian occupiers are also using the coronavirus pandemic to deny people masks, ventilators and other desperately-needed supplies in an attempt to infect and, therefore, wipe out the Kashmiri population.

People’s frustration has boiled over in taking on the occupiers and while the Kashmiri youth are losing their lives, they are also taking some of the occupation troops with them.

The blow delivered today in which a colonel and a major were killed will be felt across the ranks of the occupation troops.

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