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Letters To The Editor

Modi’s rise

Baqir Mahmood

The rise to power of Narendra Modi in India bodes ill for Muslims. Modi’s hands are drenched with the blood of innocents.

With the victory of Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India, Hindu fascism, which has steadily taken hold in Indian political life, just got an enormous boost. Modi represents the ugly face of intolerance akin to Nazism. It is amazing how the Western world continues to overlook the racist ideology espoused by these Hindu fanatics. It is obvious the Western world is only interested in its own financial interests, not human rights or the rights of minorities in India.

Baqir Mahmood

Los Angeles, CA, US

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 43, No. 4

Sha'ban 03, 14352014-06-01

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