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Massive rally in Azadi Square for Islamic Revolution Anniversary

Crescent International

Tehran, Sunday February 11, 2018

The sea of humanity stretched as far as the eye could see. The iconic Azadi Square in Tehran, the traditional location for celebrating the anniversary of the success of the Islamic revolution, was packed with people.

There were men, women, young girls and children waving Islamic Republic flags and carrying portraits of the Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei. Mothers pushing baby prams with infants in them were a common sight. More kept pouring in even as the ceremony got underway.

It was the Iranian people’s response to the West’s scandalous allegations against the Islamic system of governance and leadership following some protests in late December 2017 and early January 2018.

In Iran these celebrations are referred to as Deh-e Fajr (Ten Days of Dawn) and culminate on February 11 in Azadi Square. The title Deh-e Fajr is based on the Qur’anic verse, Wal Fajr-e waliyalin ‘Ashr and refers to the last ten days before the remnants of the Shah’s regime were toppled and the Islamic revolutionary government came into existence.

This year’s celebrations assumed added significance in the wake of the protests that had erupted on December 28, 2017 over food price rises and corruption. The protests were quickly hijacked by agents provocateurs and turned into riots and arson attacks leading to wild speculation in the West.

Starting with the ill-informed US President Donald Trump, Western commentators rushed to pronounce that the people of Iran had turned against the Islamic system of governance and Islamic leadership.

Dr Foad Izadi, professor at Tehran University, told Crescent International that Trump had done a huge favor to Iran. He explained that the younger generation of Iranians that had not witnessed the unfolding of events during the year of the Islamic revolution had little understanding of US hostility towards Iran.

Now they were witnessing Trump’s extreme hostility firsthand and they understood the true nature of the US that the late Imam Khomeini had referred to as Shaytan-e Buzurg (the great Satan).

The February 11 celebrations were Iran’s answer to the West’s ill-informed and self-serving statements. The Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei had said following the Western-Zionist-backed riots that the people of Iran would respond to the West’s allegations during the anniversary celebrations.

The people of Iran had come out in the tens of thousands in the immediate aftermath of the riots to express support for the Islamic system and leadership. These rallies were held in different cities and went on for more than a week.

It was revealing that the Western media ignored these rallies. At times they blatantly distorted the reality by calling the pro-Islamic system rallies as being ‘anti-government’. Unfortunately, most people in the West are ignorant of the reality in the Islamic Republic and were misled by such gimmicks.

Some media outlets even used footage from the 2009 protests and presented them as being the ones held recently.

The February 11 celebrations were Iran’s answer to all the scandalous allegations. Those in the West that think or want to believe that the people of Iran are opposed to the Islamic system of governance are only fooling themselves.

It is customary for the president of the Islamic Republic to address the February 11 rally. On Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani spoke at length about the Western-Zionist conspiracy in creating and supporting such terrorist groups as Daesh. The terrorist outfit has been defeated in Iraq and Syria.

He also touched on the plight of the people in Yemen and demanded that the illegal and inhumane blockade be immediately lifted.

The February 11 rally once again confirmed that the people of Iran fully support the revolution and will not waver in their determination to continue on the path of truth, justice and peace.

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