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Mass surveillance: What is Big Brother up to?

Crescent International

In an age where we are told there is total freedom and people can do what they like, there is intense surveillance of all aspects of life.

Occasionally there are reports highlighting this.

Earlier this month (March 3) there was a detailed report in the London-based Middle East Eye (MEE).

It examined the issue of surveillance and internet connectivity economics in West Asia and North Africa.

In its thoroughly researched piece, the MEE provides vast data on how the surveillance infrastructure in the region works.

Its examination of strictly classical surveillance and intelligence angles, however, presents an incomplete picture of the West’s intense surveillance of the Muslim world.

The NATO regimes’ surveillance work, when analyzed in parallel with their geopolitical activities points to a far more sinister agenda.

Officially the surveillance infrastructure and all the latest IT gadgets sold to autocratic NATO backed regimes in the Muslim world are marketed as tools to fight terrorism.

However, NATO’s alliance with the Saudi regime and their collaboration with takfiri terrorists in Syria debunks this narrative.

It needs recalling how at the peak of ISIS’s murderous rampage in West Asia, the terrorist outfit was allowed to market its ideology and brutality on Twitter and many other Western- based internet platforms.

It was presented as if it was a progressive political movement.

Where were the multibillion-dollar surveillance technologies and ‘responsible’ speech policies of social media outlets?

The same outlets which mass delete Palestinian pages, were somehow missing the propaganda campaigns of ISIS.

This was no technological glitch or mismanagement.

Combined with how the Western corporate media was hyping up ISIS and presenting it as some sort of an authentic Islamic movement, the rise of the region’s most brutal terrorist outfit was in reality part of a carefully crafted policy.

As was revealed later, terrorist attacks in Western cities were conducted primarily by individuals known to the security agencies or connected to them.

This raises the question as to how the NATO regimes’ multibillion-dollar surveillance and technology industry regularly malfunctions.

The longest US war is still raging in Afghanistan.

Essentially it is a war between a multibillion-dollar conventional army and an Afghan resistance group—the Taliban—working on nickels and dimes.

The US is still losing the war and looking for a face-saving exit.

Washington’s multibillion dollar IT surveillance infrastructure and gadgets have failed in achieving America’s war aims in Afghanistan.

NATO’s surveillance infrastructure in West Asia must be analyzed through the prism of destabilization and social engineering.

The record of so frequently “missing” the eruption of terrorist outfits in West Asia does not justify investment of billions of dollars in surveillance systems.

They often appear obsolete against adversaries the NATO regimes claim to be fighting.

The multibillion-dollar surveillance gadgets and systems are used for mass surveillance and disinformation operations aimed at social reengineering of the Muslim world.

This ensures instability in the region so that Western regimes can justify their constant interference.

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