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Week In Review

Israel to continue supplying spyware to autocrats

Not surprisingly, “the Tel Aviv District Court dismissed July 12 Amnesty International’s petition to revoke the export license of Israeli spyware firm NSO Group, in an attempt to prevent the company from selling abroad its surveillance technologies. The human rights group had claimed in its petition that governments across the globe have used NSO cellphone hacking software Pegasus to spy on journalists and activists, and in particular spy on a member of Amnesty International.”

Zionist Israel has for decades backed the most despotic regional and non-regional regimes through political backing or military cooperation. Over the past several years, Israel has been supplying various dictators with high level means to spy on their domestic opponents.

Israel’s open technological assistance to brutal regimes continues to expose the Zionist entity as a malign force for peace and stability. While Israel aligns with dictators, societies that suffer from use of Israel’s spyware will naturally view it with disdain.

Courtesy: www.al-monitor.com

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