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Israel-Hamas prisoner swap deal

Crescent International

Kidnapping and torturing Palestinian children routine for zionist occupiers

American-backed zionist war criminals were forced to eat crow after a deal was struck with Hamas on prisoner exchange early today.

The zionists had repeatedly vowed to wipe out Hamas.

True, they have murdered more than 14,000 Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the vast majority of them women and children, but have failed to wipe out Hamas.

Ultimately, they were forced to deal with it.

What does the deal entail?

Fifty Israeli prisoners, all of them women and children most of them foreign citizens, will be released in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners Israel has held in its dungeons.

Thus, for each Israeli prisoner, three Palestinians will be released.

The Palestinians being released are all under the age of 19 and will comprise both male and female prisoners.

The prisoner exchange will begin on Thursday November 23 and will be in phases.

Addameer, the Palestinian prisoners’ association, says the zionists are holding more than 7,000 Palestinians as prisoners.

Most of them have been kidnapped from the West Bank and are held in appalling conditions.

Additionally, there will be a four-day pause in Israeli bombing of Gaza.

And, at least 300 trucks of aid carrying food, water, medicines and fuel will be allowed into Gaza daily through the Rafah Crossing with Egypt.

The deal struck after weeks of negotiations through Qatar and Egypt with US officials acting as go-betweens, was what Hamas had offered soon after the escalation of violence on October 7.

The pig-headed zionists, led by war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, stalled.

Perhaps, they thought they would be able to secure their prisoners held by Hamas by launching a ground invasion.

Apart from killing thousands of civilians and attacking hospitals, the zionists failed miserably in their mission.

The zionist occupation army even invaded Al Shifa Hospital alleging that this was a ‘Hamas command centre’.

Even the Americans repeated this scandalous lie.

After invading the hospital, killing some patients and babies and terrorizing the rest, including medical staff, the zionists did not find any tunnels.

There were none.

Hamas repeatedly denied that there were any tunnels under the hospital.

Even the medical staff including foreign medical doctors such as Dr Mads Gilbert of Norway who has served in Al Shifa Hospital since 2008, denied ever seeing any Hamas fighters at the hospital.

So, what did Israel achieve?

It was consumed by sheer hatred and wanted to exact revenge.

This could only be justified by telling lies, massive amounts of them.

These lies have been exposed to the entire world now.

Even the BBC and CNN rubbished Israeli claims of finding weapons.

There are other aspects of the deal that are significant.

Far from wiping out Hamas, the US and Israel have had to negotiate with the Palestinian resistance movement to reach an agreement.

True, Qatar and Egypt mediated the deal but it was ultimately Hamas leaders, especially Yahya Sinwar, prime minister in the Hamas-led government in Gaza, who agreed to the deal.

There is potential for further deals.

Hamas holds some 300 Israeli prisoners.

It released four of them—in two separate batches—on humanitarian grounds, unlike the zionist war criminals that only know how to murder innocents.

Following this prisoner swap, it has been suggested that additional swaps can take place in return of pauses in Israel’s bombing and humanitarian supplies into Gaza.

Even under extremely difficult circumstances, the Palestinians have shown great compassion.

This is something the zionist war criminals are unfamiliar with it.

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