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Iran’s victory over Wales a slap in the face of imperialism and zionism

Crescent International

Iranian players raise their coach Carlos Queiroz over their shoulders in celebration after their impressive victory against Wales on Friday November 25.

Iran’s soccer team scored an impressive 2-0 victory over favourites Wales today (November 25) in Doha, Qatar.

As the victory sent Team Melli supporters into ecstasy, it also delivered a tight slap on the face of imperialism and zionism.

Since the start of the Soccer World Cup in Doha, Qatar, western media outlets, taking cue from their regimes, have attempted to politicize the sport.

Their special target has been Iran, harassing its players peppering them with questions about the riots in Iran.

Today’s victory, however, delivered a tight slap on the face of the enemies of the Islamic Republic.

For Iranian fans, this was a moment of joy, especially after the disappointing result against England on the opening day of the tournament.

The game between Iran and Wales was scoreless until Rouzbeh Cheshmi scored in the eighth minute of second-half stoppage time.

His strike from outside the box was strategically placed and beyond the diving reach of Wales goalkeeper Danny Ward.

Ramin Rezaeian added a second goal moments later.

This sent the Iranian players and fans into wild celebrations.

The team raised coach Carlos Queiroz in the air to celebrate their now almost certain victory.

Throughout the tournament, Iranian coach Queiroz has faced pointed questions from the western media about western-backed riots in Iran.

At one point he had to tell a BBC reporter whether she had asked any questions of the British coach over UK’s conduct in its war in Iraq and Afghanistan where countless innocent people had been murdered.

The answer is obvious.

Imperialists and zionists can do no wrong even when they murder innocent people in cold blood but Iran’s coach is harassed for the Iranian government’s legitimate response to rioters, terrorists and killers.

Queiroz, however, was very pleased with the team’s performance.

“It was really very emotional, especially because we rebounded from a difficult situation,” he said.

“Nobody likes to lose, and especially when you lose by those numbers. It is a tough job. But this is the beauty of the game, there is only one game in front of you.”

Iran will now face the US in its effort to stay in the game.

In their last face-off in 1998, Iran had beaten the Great Satan with two goals to one, much to the satisfaction of the people of Iran and the deep chagrin of Yankees.

Beating Uncle Sam always brings pleasure to the oppressed even if it is something as innocuous as a soccer match.

Most people are hoping for a repeat of that feat 24 years ago.

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