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India Intensifies Oppression and Killing of Kashmiris

Crescent International

Monday April 2, 2018

The people of Indian occupied Kashmir have seldom experienced a day of peace. The last few days, however, have witnessed intensification in Indian military brutality against the people.

Indian occupation forces killed at least 20 people in Kashmir, according to police sources on Sunday April 1.

The dead included four people shot dead in protests in Srinagar while 13 others were killed in what the occupation forces said were ‘suspected militants’.

This is euphemism for targeted killings of Kashmiri youth that show the slightest defiance of occupation forces. Three Indian soldiers were also killed.

Indian occupation troops killed seven Kashmiri youth in a protracted shootout in the village of Dragad. The youth responded to such barbarism by shooting and killing two Indian soldiers as well. The occupation forces were using helicopters to swoop low over the area.

Another youth was gunned down in a brief exchange of fire in Dialgam.

The killing of 13 Kashmiri youths south of the capital Srinagar led to mass protests. It was at one of these protests that four civilians were shot and killed.

Fearing more demonstrations in Srinagar, the occupation authorities ordered all schools shut on Monday (April 2). Resistance groups had already issued a call for more protests today.

Since last October when India launched ‘Operation All Out’, more than 200 Kashmiri youths were murdered within three months of 2017. So far this year, another 51 youth have been shot and killed.

Under the new policy, any person suspected of being a militant—no proof is required that he is a ‘militant’—can be shot on sight. Anyone suspected of being a sympathizer or supporter of a ‘militant’, can also be shot and killed.

Indian occupation troops do not need much prompting to kill innocent Kashmiris. They have been doing precisely that since India illegally occupied a major part of Kashmir in October 1947.

Since the beginning of 1989, Indian occupation troops have murdered more than 94,000 Kashmiris. These include men, women and children.

In recent months, Indian occupation forces have also resorted to using chemical weapons.

Last December, Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (the Pakistani part of Kashmir) revealed at a seminar in Islamabad that India was using chemical weapons against the Kashmiris.

Regrettably, neither the so-called international community nor relevant international bodies have taken much interest in investigating these very serious allegations against India.

Like Zionist Israel, India is given a free pass to get away with crimes against humanity. And like Zionist Israel in Palestine, Indian occupations troops can kill and maim Kashmiris without any international opprobrium.

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