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Illegal rep of illegitimate zionist entity booted out of African Union Summit

Crescent International

The zionist entity (aka Israel) is not in Africa.

It is illegally planted on the lands of the Palestinian people.

Over the weekend (February 18-19), the 55-member African Union (AU) was holding a summit in Addis Ababa.

Israeli ambassador Sharon Bar-li tried to sneak into the summit using a non-transferable invitation issued only to Israel’s ambassador to the African Union, Aleli Admasu.

She was caught and removed from the AU’s annual summit in Ethiopia on February 18.

In booting her out, the African Union said that Israel’s observer status at the bloc was suspended which is why it was not invited to attend the weekend summit.

It was AU Commission chief Moussa Faki Mahamat who in a 2021 unilateral decision had granted Israel observer status over the protests of several member states.

At last year’s summit of the 55-member organization, there was vigorous debate to withdraw Israel’s accreditation.

Following strong protests from most member-states, a committee of heads of state was established to address the issue.

Until then, Israel’s observer status was put in abeyance.

“The status is suspended until such time as this committee can deliberate… and so we did not invite Israeli officials to our summit,” AU Commission chief Mahamat told reporters on February 19.

Imagine the zionists’ chutzpah to still attempt to sneak into the summit.

Consider this.

Can a person use an airline ticket issued in the name of another person?

This is illegal. The person would be immediately arrested.

Yet the zionists think they can use a suspended pass that was issued in the name of another individual but since suspended, to barge into a conference of 55 member states.

The South African government said the African Union’s decision to award Israel the status was “even more shocking in a year in which the oppressed people of Palestine were hounded by destructive bombardments and continued illegal settlements of the land.”

South Africa established formal diplomatic relations with Palestine in 1995, a year after the end of apartheid.

In backing the Palestinian cause and to support the rights of the Palestinian people, Pretoria downgraded its embassy in Tel Aviv to a liaison office in 2019.

Civil society groups in South Africa led by such justice-seeking organizations as Africa4Palestine and the Media Review Network have condemned the granting of observer status at the AU to Israel.

They called upon the South African government to uphold its own laws and not kowtow to the illegitimate zionist entity.

The drive to expel the zionist regime’s representative from the AU summit was led by Algeria and South Africa.

Video footage circulating on social media showed guards escorting Bar-li out of the AU assembly hall in Addis Ababa.

For once, the zionists have been shown the door.

More organizations and countries need to follow this example to boycott a pariah regime that is killing innocent Palestinians on a daily basis.

It also bombs neighbouring countries as was evident in the missiles strikes of residential buildings in Damascus in the early morning of February 19, that killed 15 civilians.

This constitutes a war crime.

War criminals should not be allowed entry into the AU summit or any other organization.

They should be locked up behind bars.

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