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Haya (decency) rally draws thousands to Celebration Square in Mississauga

Crescent International

Fed up with bullying and the indoctrination of their children, thousands of parents gathered in Mississauga Celebration Square on July 15 to protect their children from gender indoctrination and sexual anarchy.

Families came out with their children.

They carried placards that read: ‘Haya is our Pride’; ‘Protect Innocence, Preserve Children,’ and ‘Don’t Deprive Parents; they have rights over their children’.

This last statement was a reference to the fact that schools are pushing the LGBTQ agenda on children without the knowledge or written permission of their parents.

Children as young as five or six years old are being indoctrinated in classroom when the Ontario Curriculum standard clearly stipulates that sex education should be imparted only when children are 9 or 10 years old.

Even at that age, parental consent is mandatory.

Schools and school boards are violating this requirement and pushing ahead with the LGBTQ agenda.

Parents that participated in today’s (July 15) rally clearly demonstrated that they will not tolerate such bullying.

Politicians are also pushing this agenda as well as the bulk of the media such as the government-funded CBC and the Toronto Star.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie issued a statement against the Haya rally a day before it was held.

She issued a veiled threat to rally participants that Peel Region Police will be there as well as the City of Mississauga Security to ensure there is no hate speech against the LGBTQ community.

How did she conclude that the rally was going to spread hate speech?

Parents wanted to assert their fundamental right and religious freedom to protect their children from a lifestyle that they do not agree with.

Would she ever issue a threatening statement if the LGBTQ community were holding such a rally?

She would be there applauding them.

It is truly mind-boggling.

Ironically, the right-wing media, such as the National Post, is speaking out against the gender crusaders.

This puts Muslims in a quandary.

They need to be careful not to fall into the trap and become allies of right-wing racists and bigots or the liberal gender ideology crusaders.

Muslims must choose the middle path, as prescribed by the noble Qur’an.

In most countries, parents are responsible for children until they reach age 18.

Yet in schools across Canada, children as young as five or six are told that they can choose another gender other than the one they were born with if they want to.

How can children at that age know about gender identity?

They are not even aware of sex at that age so why are they being indoctrinated and whose agenda is being followed?

Parents are the first educators of children.

Schools are snatching that responsibility from them.

Gender indoctrination is peddled not only in health or physical education classes but also in a totally disingenuous way, in library reading sessions and English literature reading.

Thus, even if parents do not give consent for their children to be taught gender ideology in health or physical education classes, schools are finding ways to circumvent that requirement.

Unknown to parents, their children are being indoctrinated in other ways.

This is what has infuriated so many parents across the religious spectrum.

Last month was commemorated as flag month.

What this meant was that pride flags were flown on poles alongside the Canadian or provincial flag as well as on corporate buildings.

There was resistance from many Catholic parents who were appalled at such bullying.

When school boards across Ontario held meetings to decide whether to fly the pride flag, hundreds of parents came out to say ‘no’.

These parents were physically removed from such meetings.

At subsequent meetings, some parents opposed to flag hoisting were barred from speaking but they had managed to mobilize their clergy to speak out against gender indoctrination.

So far Catholic bishops have held their ground but for how long.

There is fear that they will be bullied into accepting the new policy of gender indoctrination and anarchy.

While there are enough parents across Canada who oppose the gender indoctrination policy, it seems the forces behind this agenda are determined to push it.

Why do they want to push this agenda is still not clear.

Muslims parents have at long last come out to resist such bullying.

What this requires is a clear articulation that their religion teaches them that there are only two genders: male and female.

This is what each infant is born with.

Anyone who claims they have another gender or they want to change their gender from what they were born with, are making a choice.

Others are not obliged to accept it.

It is not a question of someone’s human rights.

People make all kinds of choices in life.

That is their outlook. Others are not obliged to accept or validate their choices.

Suppose someone comes along and says he/she wants to marry a dog.

Would the rest of us be required to accept that as a normal choice and part of that person’s human right?

There are other serious issues with this gender madness.

In schools, boys that claim that they are girls can use girls’ washrooms.

It is not difficult to surmise what will happen in such washrooms.

In many schools, girls have reported that they do not use washrooms at school because of fear of being sexually molested.

This is a direct violation of the girls’ fundamental rights.

But in order to pander to the preferences of gender crusaders, innocent girls must suffer.

Students that have in class discussion stated that people are born either male or female have been expelled from school.

It is time to stop such madness.

Let sanity prevail.

And it starts with accepting the parents’ right to protect their children from being forced to learn gender ideology.

Muslim parents must make sure that they are vigilant in the face of gender indoctrination.

It will take more than a rally or two to protect their children.

They must be actively engaged in their children’s education.

They must put it in writing to their child’s school that no indoctrination can occur in any form—whether in health education, physical education, library reading sessions or literature reading or any other form of gender indoctrination—without their written consent.

This will increase the burden on parents but such effort is necessary in order to protect their children and their future.

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