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Gathering of Arabian dinosaurs in Cairo


The Arabian dinosaurs (aka Arabian rulers) are an endangered species. With small heads and protruding bellies, they periodically emerge from their caves belching loudly to try and scare others but in reality reflect their own fears.

This was again witnessed on November 19 when the foreign ministers of Arabian regimes minus the Lebanese foreign minister met in Cairo. Their purpose was not to discuss the liberation of Palestine from the clutches of the Zionist invaders. Perish the thought.

Instead, they talked about the “threat” posed by Islamic Iran and Hizbullah. The Saudi Bedouins and their Bahraini sidekicks led the charge. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir warned that Riyadh would not stand idle in the face of Iranian “aggression.” And Bahrain’s foreign minister thundered that Hizbullah was in “total control” of Lebanon.

Al-Jubeir did not explain the nature of Iranian “aggression.” Perhaps we can give him a brief lesson in history. Iran has not aggressed upon any country in 250 years; it has been subjected to external aggression including from the treacherous Bani Saud when they backed Íaddam Husayn for eight years in the first Gulf war of the 1980s.

As for the Bahrainis, if Hizbullah is in control of Lebanon, they should know that the resistance movement is part of the Lebanese social, cultural, and political fabric, especially since it liberated southern Lebanon. It is none of the Bahrainis’ business as to what Hizbullah does in Lebanon.

These dinosaurs should worry about their own survival; they are destined for extinction!

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 10

Rabi' al-Awwal 12, 14392017-12-01

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