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French Assembly joins long list of EU States supporting Palestinian statehood

Crescent International

The French National Assembly became the latest elected body calling for the recognition of a Palestinian State. The French follow Britain, Ireland, Sweden and Spain in support of Palestine. The ball was set rolling by a vote in the UN General Assembly in November 2012 upgrading Palestine's status to a non-member state.

Paris, Crescent-online
Tuesday December 02, 2014, 20:39 EST

More than two thirds of French lawmakers voted today in favor of a motion calling for the recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

The vote caused consternation among officials of the Zionist regimes that are gripped by an internal political crisis and may be heading to the polls soon.

As in the case of other parliaments in Europe—Britain, Ireland, Spain, etc—the French National Assembly urged the government to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state.

The vote was 339 in favor while 151 members opposed it making it more than two-thirds supporting recognition of the Palestinian state.

While the vote is not binding, it sends a powerful message to the French government that the lawmakers view an independent Palestinian State not only with favor but also virtually a certainty in the near future.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, a staunch Zionist, told the assembly before the vote that the government would not be bound by the vote.

But he added the rider that should a final round of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians are unsuccessful, the French government would recognize an independent Palestine.

Earlier this year, the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas entered into negotiations under US pressure but with the promise that the Zionists would stop further settlement construction and release hundreds of Palestinian political prisoners.

The Zionist regime baulked in releasing the last group of 104 Palestinian prisoners resulting in a deadlock in April.

US Secretary of State John Kerry who had invested his personal prestige in the talks and had secured an agreement from the Zionists for the release of prisoners to coax the Palestinians to the negotiating table was left with egg on his face.

The arrogant Zionists let it be known publicly that they did not care about Kerry’s angst. It takes chutzpah: the Zionists receive nearly $15 billion in direct and indirect aid from the US each year yet they habitually insult American officials.

The French parliament’s vote to recognize a Palestinian state follows similar votes in the British and Irish Parliaments in September and the Swedes voting on October 30 to officially recognize the state of Palestine.

On November 18, Spanish parliamentarians voted overwhelmingly in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state.

The campaign to recognize the Palestinian state gained momentum following a vote in the UN General Assembly two years ago (November 29, 2012) to upgrade Palestine’s status to non-member observer state.

While any vote in favor of Palestine should be welcomed, this will not solve the problem the Palestinians are facing.

The Zionists refuse to withdraw to the 1967 borders that would leave them with 78 percent of original Palestine. Under the illegal UN Partition Plan (because the Palestinians were not consulted) 56 percent of their land was handed over to the Zionists who were recent immigrants from Europe and Russia!

The Zionist occupied West Bank is a patchwork of Bantustans while the tiny Gaza Strip is besieged and completely controlled from all sides by the Zionists including the sea and air.

Al-Quds (Jerusalem) also remains under Zionist occupation with daily incursions on to the Haram al-Sharif.

Thus, even if it came into existence, a Palestinian State would neither be contiguous nor viable.

The only solution to the present impasse is a single State in which all people—Muslims, Christians and Jews—would live as equal citizens under the law.

This is something the Zionist racists are not willing to accept.


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