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Egypt’s Kangaroo Court Sentences Muslim Brotherhood Members to Death

Crescent International

Egypt under General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is a fascist state. This was reconfirmed today (September 8) when the Cairo Criminal Court sentenced 75 people to death.

What was these people’s crime? They had participated in peaceful protests in July-August 2013 against the ouster of a democratically elected government by the brutes in uniform.

Among those sentenced to death by hanging are such prominent Muslim Brotherhood members as Essam al-Erian and Mohamed Beltagi. The prominent Islamic scholar, Shaykh Safwat Higazi is also among those sentenced to death.

Of the 75 people, 44 are in jail and 31 are at large. The thugs in uniform have not been able to apprehend them.

Apart from the death sentences, 56 other defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment. These include Mohamed Badie, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Even journalists have not been spared. Mahmoud Abu Zeid, also known as Shawkan, who covered the Rabaa protests and published photographs of the massacre by the Egyptian army was also arrested in August 2013. He was sentenced to five years in prison for doing his job as a journalist.

Sisi was the defence minister and army chief at the time—appointed by the way by President Mohamed Mursi—yet he violated his constitutional oath and staged the bloody coup bringing to an end the only democratic government in Egypt’s history.

When Mursi’s supporters staged peaceful protests bringing thousands of people into the square, Sisi ordered his army to shoot and kill them.

Hundreds of people among them young girls and women were mowed down in a hail of gunfire.

When some of the people sought refuge in a mosque, the brutes went after them and shot them dead inside the mosque.

There is no rule of law; there has never been since Sisi staged an illegal coup against a democratically elected government in 2013.

Human Rights Watch denounced the August 14, 2013 mass slaughter of more than 800 people. The Rights body said the slaughter of innocent civilians “likely amounted to crimes against humanity.”

More than 700 people have been subjected to mass trials in what have become known as the Rabaa case.

Detainees are brought to court in chains and held in cages not fit even for animals. This passes for a courtroom. The judges are beholden to the military regime and will do anything to ingratiate themselves to the pharaoh in uniform.

President Mursi was also arrested after the coup and when he was brought to trial—imagine an elected president who was running the country quite well and was illegally overthrown—the court sentenced him to death.

What was he charged with: corruption, escaping from prison, and inciting violence.

The Court of Cassation found the charges and the sentence so outlandish that it overturned the verdict last November (2017) and ordered Mursi’s retrial. If it had any integrity, it would have dismissed the charges and set Mursi free.

The top brass of the Egyptian army is rotten to the core. Most of the generals are cowards and have never won a single war against arch-enemy Zionist Israel. Instead, Sisi and his generals have surrendered to Israel and do its bidding.

Sisi is a Zionist Jew of Moroccan origin. His maternal uncle was a member of the Israeli Knesset.

How he managed to rise to the top of the military in Egypt remains a mystery. But his actions clearly betray his Zionist loyalties.

Instead of sentencing Muslim Brotherhood members to death, it is Sisi and his gang of thugs that should be executed—and publicly—to prevent future coup plotters from daring to overthrow a popularly elected government that was run by largely honest people, not the thieves that dominate the military.

Egypt was an important country in the Middle East. The brutes in uniform have reduced it to penury. It is a shame.

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