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Canadian Zionist racists oppose another Muslim project

Crescent International

The zionists are nothing if they are not racists. They would even oppose something as harmless as building a seniors' home if it is for Muslims. This is what the Shia Muslim community is facing in Thornhill, a suburb outside Toronto. Ultimately, the Muslims will succeed because they are acting within their right but the entire episode once again exposes the racism of zionists.

Toronto, Crescent-online
Tuesday February 04, 2014, 21:11 EST

In what should have been a routine application at Vaughan Council for building a condominium for Muslim seniors in Vaughan has been turned into a crisis. Local rags that carry fancy titles of newspapers, scandalize any issue that concerns Muslims in order to garner publicity. They also indulge in Islamophobic rhetoric.

The application by the Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Toronto that owns a huge property at 9000 Bathurst Street, to build a seniors’ condominium building has been turned into a raging controversy. The man behind the controversy is Meir Weinstein, a racist Zionist who has gained notoriety for bigotry.

Weinstein leads the Jewish Defence League (JDL), a notorious group of thugs well known for espousing a violent ideology. The group is banned in the US as a terrorist organization but for some mysterious reason, it continues to operate in Canada without hindrance.

The Shia Muslim community’s proposal includes one 17-storey, 205-unit residence with retail space along with another 17-storey seniors residence with 100 assisted living units (132 beds) and 61 three-storey common element condo townhouses.

Such a proposal would be welcomed for providing housing for seniors in a community setting. Not so for the zionists. They see radical Islamic threat in every proposal the Muslims make.

Weinstein alleges the condominium project for Muslim seniors will encourage “radical Islam.” Some racists and bigots have also launched an online petition alleging the project would lead to an “influx of Muslims” into the community.

Muslims have owned the 9000 Bathurst property for nearly 20 years. The Shia community, like other Muslim communities, has gone out of its way to establish inter-faith dialogue and to reach out to members of other faiths.

This is not what the likes of Weinstein or the local Zionist-infested media want to acknowledge.

Weinstein has a long history of stirring trouble and even leading a mob to attack peaceful Muslims. For instance, last June Weinstein and members of a motorbike gang as well as Iranian monarchists and other assorted anti-Islamic radicals attacked two Muslims outside the Islamic Society of York Region in Richmond Hill.

Muslims were commemorating the anniversary of Imam Khomeini and were inside a hall where children and women were reciting poetry to honor the late Imam. The JDL-monarchist-led mob attacked and seriously wounded two Muslims. The matter is before the York Region police.

The Shia Muslims’ application is being considered by Vaughan Council and will be dealt with on the basis of development requirements. Councillors have made clear that they will deal with the issue strictly from a development point of view. They will not take any other issues into account, signaling that they will not give in to racists and bigots.

In a press release, Shabbir Jeraj, president of the Islamic Shia Ithna Ahseri Jamaat of Toronto, said he welcomes the opportunity to present the project to Vaughan council.

He went on: “This project is very important to us because it is a realization of a long-awaited dream and the vision of the members of the community, many of whom initially participated in the purchase of this property some 20 years ago.”

Some of the facilities will be open to non-Muslims as well such as playgrounds and tennis courts that are envisaged as part of the overall project.

“While we are still in the planning phase, our intention is to design the development with the broader community in mind. As such, we envision that many parts of the development will be open to all residents of Vaughan and the surrounding areas,” Jeraj said.

Weinstein had attempted to block approval of a mosque in New Market in 2007. That project was part of the Islamic Society of York Region. For several weeks, the local media gave Weinstein and his thugs ample coverage until the local residents got fed up and told them to get the hell out of New Market.

The Zionist thugs and their few Hindu allies fled and the mosque has been running without any problems ever since.

There is little doubt that the 9000 Bathurst project will also succeed and the racists and their enabling media thugs will stand exposed for what they are: Islamophobes who are hell-bent on creating hatred against the law-abiding Muslim community. Ultimately, the broader community will have to confront racists and bigots like Weinstein and tell them that they do no speak for peaceful Canadians.


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