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Avoid quack remedies for Coronavirus

Crescent International

There is no known cure for the Coronavirus.

No vaccine has been developed yet and it won't be available for a year or more despite claims by Donald Trump that the US would have a vaccine ready in a "matter of months".

In the absence of a cure, many quacks have emerged offering their remedies.

Unfortunately many gullible people fall for these with disastrous consequences.

We itemize below some of these so-called remedies that DON'T work!

1: Garlic: It may have some therapeutic qualities such as lowering blood pressure or helping with diabetes (although doctors question these), it is certainly not a cure for the Coronavirus.

2: Drinking Bleach: Some people believe that drinking bleach will kill the Coronavirus. It won't. Bleach is used to clean toilet bowls and sinks. Do not treat your stomach as a toilet bowl. It could cause serious internal damage to your organs.

3: Drinking Cow Urine: There is widespread belief in India that drinking cow urine will cure the coronavirus. Unfortunately many Hindus fervently believe that cow urine has many therapeutic qualities. This is based on the Hindus' belief that cow is a sacred animal and is their "mother". Hindus can believe whatever they want but drinking cow urine will NOT cure the coronavirus.

4: Spreading cow dung on body: Parallel with the drinking of cow urine is the notion that spreading cow dung on your body will prevent the coronavirus from infecting you. It won't. The only thing it will achieve is social distancing: people will keep away from you because of the foul smell, not just one meter but perhaps 10 meters. But it will NOT prevent infection by the coronavirus.

Given India's appallingly low standards of hygiene, where an estimated 400 million people are homeless and hundreds of millions of others do not have access to toilets or clean drinking water, it is a country ripe for a major pandemic disaster.

The fascist regime of Narendra Modi refuses to conduct large-scale tests because it would cost money. It would rather spend money killing Muslims.

India is a disaster-in-waiting.

So far, only about 11,500 coronavirus tests have been conducted in a country with a population of 1.2 billion.

Over-crowding and non-sanitary conditions are a recipe for disaster.

Health experts advise frequent washing of hands with water and soap to minimize risk of the disease.

With limited access to clean water even for drinking purposes, the possibility of getting water to wash hands with is even further removed.

Over-crowded trains and buses and most people living in shanty towns with large families crammed in a single room, and one can imagine what dangers people are faced with.

It should come as no surprise if India emerges as the worst hit country in the world for the coronavirus.

A good case to be made for shutting all trade with India until it cleans its act and begins to take the pandemic seriously.

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