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Another Draconian law in Britain

Crescent International

The British government’s new law aims to ignore conventions protecting both military personnel and civilians in overseas operations.

It is another indicator that the world urgently needs a multi-polar world order to counter Western lawlessness.

Camouflaged under the innocuous sounding label, Overseas Operations Bill, the British human rights organization, CAGE, describes it as giving “government agencies the right to openly flout the law. It will incentivize creating fictitious crimes to entrap law abiding citizens for the sake of greater funding and resources to agency departments… these Bills follow the government’s attempts to criminalize ‘activist lawyers’ as well as its moves to scrap the Human Rights Act, and are part of a series of measures to insulate government and its agencies from accountability.”

Prominent Guantanamo Bay prisoner, Moazzam Begg, who was kidnaped by the US regime from Pakistan and is currently an outreach director for CAGE, classified the latest law as a step by the British government “to legalize for itself what is criminal for everyone else. It is now truly placing itself above the law and rendering the law meaningless.”

Even though the Bill passed second reading by 332 to 77, it created political tensions within Britain’s political establishment and unmasked its democratic veneer.

The Guardian newspaper reported that “Labour has sacked three junior shadow ministers who joined with Jeremy Corbyn and 14 other Socialist Campaign group MPs in breaking the party’s whip by voting against the second reading of a controversial armed forces bill. Sources close to the party’s leadership said that the three MPs were warned in advance that they could not remain in their posts as parliamentary private secretaries if they voted against the bill.”

As the NATO dominated-world order unravels, Western regimes no longer have the luxury to camouflage their draconian policies taking the soft-power aspect and damage to their image into consideration.

London and Washington are now forced to act as crudely as their subordinates in Cairo or Riyadh, as time is not on their side.

Attempting to maintain their global dominance through actions like the Overseas Operations Bill, NATO regimes are shooting themselves in the foot, as it further unmasks their arrogance and hypocrisy, which in turn energizes resistance to their policies.

Economic, political, social and military events worldwide point to the irreversible process of a new global order emerging.

This process is no longer disputed even by proponents of the West-centric world order.

If Western powers were more tolerant of the natural political and historical cycle, they would have a better chance in the shaping of the multi-polar world order.

By attempting to block this process through the ‘War on Terror’, hyping up Russian and Chinese interference, along with backing despots worldwide, the NATO regimes are making the transition very costly for the entire world, including their own societies.

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