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Week In Review
Rajab 21, 1441 to Rajab 27, 1441
(2020-03-16 to 2020-03-22)

In this section, Crescent International will highlight news and events that do not attract much media Attention. We will provide our brief analysis. Hyperlinked references will be provided for confirmation, corroboration and crediting purposes.

Rajab 25, 14412020-03-20

Sweden & Coronavirus

As the world continues to experience enforced lockdowns and disruption of economic productivity due to Coronavirus, Sweden is suggesting that adopting a uniform approach worldwide is not effective. Kindergartens, elementary schools, bars and cafés remain open as usual. Sweden’s Public Health Agency focuses on those that have the closest contacts such as family members or close colleagues who tested positive, rather than others such as those who had been on the same flight or train. This approach allows health services to isolate even those cases which are asymptomatic, or where the patient has mild symptoms. This prevents the people spreading the virus further.

(Courtesy: The Local)

Rajab 25, 14412020-03-20

Azerbaijan: Aliyev Regime Cracks Down on Coronavirus Health Initiative

The former Soviet state known for its flawed healthcare and political system detained on March 20 members of the Muslim Unity Movement (MUM) for distributing free masks and information cards regarding the coronavirus. A day earlier, in his address to the people on Nowruz spring holidays, the unelected president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev openly declared that coronavirus might be used to introduce emergency law and crackdown on opposition. MUM’s health initiative is seen as a threat by the regime since it exposes its inability to provide even basic healthcare for people in the oil rich country. With the oil market collapsing, the regime will be using the coronavirus excuse to clamp down on social unrest.

(Courtesy: IWPR/Eurasianet /RFERL)

Rajab 25, 14412020-03-20

Turkey is having Trouble Controlling Takfiris in Idlib

Turkey is finding it hard to control takfiri fighters in Idlib as they refuse to abide by the Turkish-Russian ceasefire deal. Recent footages from Idlib shows how takfiris in Idlib are blocking roads for Turkish soldiers to patrol the M4 and M5 highways. There might soon be clashes between Turkish troops and their takfiri proxies in Idlib. The takfiris view Turkey’s agreement with Russia as selling them out. The Idlib saga once again demonstrates how NATO uses and then abandons its proxies. NATO’s proxies in Syria have learned nothing from the experience of Saddam Hussain, Muammar al-Qaddafi or Hosni Mubarak.

(Courtesy: Anna News)

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