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Zionist-controlled Arabia vs. Islamic-aspiring Yemen

Abu Dharr

The Bani Saud assault on Yemen is designed to maintain the status quo: jahili control of Muslim societies, and frustrate the Islamic aspirations of the people of Yemen to join the resistance front against the Zionist occupiers of Palestine.

We will begin this article by stating the obvious: the ruling regime of the scions of Saud is pure poison. It is the venom that circulates in the Muslim geography from Jeddah to Jakarta and from Riyadh to Rabat. Ever since it was established and officially anointed as a nation-state by that global lodge of self-serving politicians and their representatives, otherwise known as the United Nations, and even before that for two centuries, the clan of Saud has been frantically busy dividing and killing Arabs and Muslims. Their history against everyone and anyone who disagrees with their “puritanical” explanation of Islam is full of murder and mayhem, feuds and fights, marauding camels, and now attack warplanes. They murdered scores of Egyptians coming to the Hajj less than two centuries ago because the Egyptian pilgrims were people of “bid‘ah.” They also murdered hundreds of Iranians in the Hajj a couple of decades ago because they, also, are people of “bid‘ah.” Their very existence and their survival are contingent upon their ability to divide and destroy. And now these Saudi puritans have put their military where their ‘aqidah is: they are at war with neighboring Yemen!

Let us take a look at this war, which is still in its opening salvos (its first month). The Saudi spokespersons — officials and media — tell us that they commenced aerial military strikes in Yemen to reinstate the “legitimate” president of Yemen, ‘Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi. Who are the Saudi royals to speak about anything legitimate? What is it, may we ask, that makes Mr. Hadi legitimate? Were there any free and fair elections in Yemen that brought Mr. Hadi to the presidential palace? Or is it the Saudi endorsement of Hadi that gives him legitimacy?

The Saudi royal riyal rulers dragged into their war nine other Arabian officialdoms; most of them their counterparts in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). They tried to cajole and clobber Turkey and Pakistan into this Zionist inspired war. To their credit these two countries refused to sign on to the Saudi imposed war on Yemen.

So far, the Saudi coalition of the billing has not dared to place any boots on the ground in Yemen. They’ve been flying their warplanes and bombers crisscrossing the Yemeni sky and unloading all types of bomb ordnances on the poor people of Yemen — killing innocent civilians, rendering thousands of people homeless, targeting non-military locales such as hospitals, clinics, schools, etc. Yemen has no serious infrastructure to speak of. And what little it has is now being pounded into rubble. What would Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab, and Ibn Baz say about this? Are they cheering Salman ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz, Saud al-Faisal, and Bandar ibn Sultan for their war on impoverished Yemen? The answer from the grave may be that this is a war against heathen Houthis and satanic Shi‘is! And to that we say that the Zionists and imperialists have done their homework… the rationalization of Muslims killing Muslims is found in Wahhabi and Salafi doctrines.

The royal Saudi regime finds itself in Yemen on the side of ISIS; both of them are fighting Islamic self determination — Ansarullah. Puritan Wahhabism has come full circle: from satanizing Muslims to slaying Muslims. No wonder Saudi Arabia is the instrument of Zionists and imperialists.

The takfiri attitude financed by the Saudis will eventually turn on its own self. There are segments of the Saudi population who will enthusiastically hail the downfall of the House of Saud and applaud the rise of its suckling ISIS. We know that when rulers feel pressure on the home front they get their own people refocused on a foreign enemy. Did the Saudi ruling class sense the rise of internal pressure and for purposes of survival they preempted an internal opposition buildup by attacking Yemen? Maybe…

Let us extricate ourselves from the cobweb of Saudi fallacies and take a sober look at this misadventure into Yemen. Saudi Arabian decision makers choose to take advice from America and not from Allah (swt). Their plan of action is Israel and not Islam. They are out of touch with the Muslim masses and out of touch with reality. For that reason, they have been lulled into a long war of attrition. Insulated in their self-righteousness they can no longer distinguish enemy from friend. To them Islamic Iran is an enemy and Zionist Israel is an ally.

Unlike the holier-than-thou Saudis, the hard working officials of Islamic Iran have their hand on the Islamic pulse. They know that Israel can never be trusted, much less be an ally. Islamic Iran is in the field in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. Have the Saudis ever made it into the “Sunni” communities anywhere in the Sunni domain? Of course not; because the Sunnis themselves are bordering on blasphemy according to Salafi-Saudi dogma. The Saudis approach some Sunnis who go through a screening process and provide them with a takfiri creed and a fistful of dollars. That’s it. There are no policies and no strategies to have Sunnis make it by their bootstraps. Hizbullah (the Shi‘is of Lebanon) took on Israel with support from Islamic Iran; no such equivalency —as the Sunnis of Lebanon have not taken on Israel with Saudi support — zilch.

Let us for the sake of argument say that Iran made headway in the predominantly eastern areas of Saudi Arabia, why then is not Saudi Arabia able to make headway in the predominantly Sunni areas of Iran? The answer is self-evident: Islamic Iran considers both Sunnis and Shi‘is to be Muslims. Saudi Arabia considers both Sunnis and Shi‘is to be (and here it depends on who you are talking to) pseudo-Muslims, crypto-Muslims, suspect-Muslims, or non-Muslims! How on earth can such a regime with such a creed make inroads anywhere within the Muslim populous?

If all non-Wahhabi Muslims are outside the pale of Islam, and if Israel and America are Ahl al-Kitab then we have a very good explanation of why the Saudis justify war in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. You will now understand why the Saudi monarchy could not muster an Operation Decisive Storm to fight against the Israelis who were killing Muslims wholesale throughout the past six decades while the Saudis where fiddling their fingers after their puritanical wudu’!

Saudi-Wahhabi animosity toward all other Muslims sits very well with the Zionist/imperialist-military-industrial-banking complex. Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Raytheon, and all manufacturers of war material are thrilled to have Wahhabis launch wars against Muslims as this will create a lucrative market for these Ahl al-Kitab. These Wahhabi-Saudi-Arabians have two trillion dollars, according to some estimates, that are surplus moneys hanging around for the take. What a bonanza if the Saudis could ignite an Islamic hemispheric war that would kill off Islamic manpower and fill up Zionist-imperialist coffers!

The Saudi inferiors did what no Zionist or imperialist could ever do: they fragmented Iraq, they divided Syria, they preoccupied Hizballah away from the common Zionist enemy, they are strangulating Hamas in Ghazzah, they managed to tie Egypt into knots, they turned Libya into a failed state, and now they are physically and personally involved in trying to dismember Yemen. Add to all that their success in turning the clock back by centuries in Afghanistan and bleeding Pakistan into a debilitated state at the mercy of Hindu India. All of this is directly traced to the hate generated by Saudi takfiri belief.

And with this backdrop, let’s proceed to our prognosis of the Saudi Yemeni debacle. We think that if the Saudis do not find a political way out of the hole they are digging for themselves in Yemen, they will squawk, suffer, sink, and succumb in Arabia Felix. The Saudi military are a bunch of stomach creatures. They are more concerned with their appetite than with conquest. They have no military accomplishments whatsoever to their credit. They are, by and large, taking on a people with a war tradition, a culture of dignity, and the hero figures of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and the following war heroes: Imam ‘Ali, Imam Husayn, and Imam Zayd (ra). The Egyptian government during the 1960s dispatched some 70,000 troops there and lost around 20,000 (war dead). Yemen became the Vietnam of Egypt. Yemen will also be the Vietnam of Saudi Arabia. The terrain is suited for guerilla warfare. And no amount of technological superiority will win a guerilla war. Both Vietnam and Afghanistan are textbook demonstrations of this fact. Here are some of the preliminary figures:

  • each ordinance airdrop of a bomb on Yemen costs the Saudis $100,000. If a plane discharges 10 bombs, that is one million dollars. If there are 50 sorties a day, that amounts to $50 million dollars a day, just dropping bombs. This does not include all the logistical and follow-up expenses;
  • there are three Yemeni regions that were claimed and added on to Saudi Arabia: Jizan, Najran, and ‘Asir. The Yemeni people will through a protracted war recover these regions;
  • there are around one million Yemenis living in Saudi Arabia; and
  • there are between 30–40% of Saudis whose ancestors are Yemenis (the Bin Ladin family is originally from Yemen).

If the Saudis had a faint notion of Islamic brotherhood and solidarity they could have spent that amount of money raising the standard of living of the Yemenis. And that in and of itself could have produced social and political miracles. But the Saudi opportunists are hardwired to cavort with the real kafirs (Zionists and imperialists) and kill the assumed kafirs (Ash‘aris, Sufis, Ibadis, Shi‘is, and the Muslim “other”). If only these Saudis could tune in and obey the Prophet (pbuh) when he says, “A Muslim is a brother of the other Muslim…”

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 3

Rajab 12, 14362015-05-01

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