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The Saudis: from throwing money to dropping bombs to (eventually) hugging Zionists

Abu Dharr

The “Saudis” have used money to buy loyalty or silence critics. They have now launched a direct attack on Yemen but with the campaign not going well, they have embraced the Zionists.

Not to flog a dead horse but the Saudi family kingdom keeps on offering committed Muslims and people of common sense mental gunpowder to blast away at their propaganda hypocrisy, political dichotomy, and religious inferiority. The last demonstration of superb Saudi stupidity is a sequence of solecisms and an order of bloopers that have them hanging high and dry.

Let us begin with his highness the Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad ibn Salman’s sprint to Moscow in his capacity as “Saudi” Defense Minister. War minister would be a more accurate depiction. He has Yemeni and Syrian blood on his hands. What did this upstart war minister do in Moscow? He signed six strategic agreements. Not one, not two, but six strategic agreements. One of them was an agreement that would have Russia develop nuclear energy for the tense and jittery colonial style kingdom. Would it be fair to assume that the Saudis are sensing an American cold shoulder? The clock is ticking; June 30th is approaching (the day when Iran and America are to reach some form of understanding), and the fat-cats of treacherous Arabia are sweating. And in these troubling and shifting high-stakes circumstances, Moscow is a cool place to be.

There is no doubt that Saudi officeholders nowadays find themselves between a rock and a hard place. The long-lived and traditional patrons of the Kingdom are viewed, now, by some in the royal clan as less-than-allies. Especially disturbing to their egos was the let-down by both the Pakistani and Egyptian regimes that refused to get caught up in a dangerous Yemeni military vortex.

Another shock wave that electrocuted the Saudi body-politics was the inability of the ruling Turkish Justice and Development party to gain a clear victory in the recent parliamentary elections in Turkey (June 7). The Saudi royals were gambling that a cemented alliance with a tractable Turkey would be a sure-fire guarantee for a swift victory in Syria. This political equation would have combined Turkish geography and manpower with Saudi finances and former student fanatics to deliver Syria on a plate of expediency to the Arabian-Anatolian alliance. For a time the winds were blowing into this alliance’s sails: the Syrian city of Jisr al-Shughur fell to the Saudi-Turkish supported Syrian rebels, as did the city of Idlib. The pro-Syrian government enclave of Ladhiqiyah is under siege… and the Mediterranean seashore is within rebel sight. But the Turkish elections turned into a wakeup call for the Saudi fantasists.

Add to all these wobbly developments and woozy Saudi calculations the fact that the price of oil has gone down. And that is because the Saudi regime was not behaving as a responsible member of the oil producing states. Months ago it began pumping and selling oil and breaking all sorts of records in the process. The un-thought-through result: Saudi unthinking Arabia has hemorrhaged away half of its petroleum revenue. Besides the military discussions in Moscow between a pubescent Saudi war minister and his more experienced Russian seniors, it would be interesting to know what two of the world’s topmost oil producers discussed pertaining to oil policies. How comfortable were the Saudi interlocutors in Moscow when they were presented with the fact that their zealous over-production of oil just months ago was meant to cripple in addition to the economy of Islamic Iran the economy of Russia itself; because Russia did not join the Saudi club of nations to unseat the Syrian regime?

Are the Saudi bunglers playing with fire? Are we about to see the Saudi-Wahhabis redefine for us Russia as “Ahl al-Kitab” and America as “al-Shaytan al-Akbar”? Will a Saudi entrance into the Russian orbit mean a Syrian exit from it? Stay tuned.

The fast-paced dangerous developments unfolding in the Muslim East are quickly exposing the false Islam of Saudi Arabia as surely as they are exposing the false Judaism of Israel. Both of them are coming undone. Events such as conflict and combat, feuds and fights, war and warfare are leading to the unveiling of Bani Sa‘ud and the uncovering of Bani Israel, and ultimately to the unmasking of their imperial patrons and colonial founders. The fact will eventually dawn on the nincompoops of Arabia that their true ally and the only regime that shares their nightmares and embraces their dreams is the Zionist regime.

It looks like the days of riyal diplomacy are coming to a screeching finale. Bank-account international-relations are insolvent. And that is what happens to a kingdom without a Qur’an.

Can’t these dimwitted Saudi officials realize that what they need is an Islamic pulse and an Islamic policy. Going once to Washington, then to Moscow, then to Tel Aviv, then to hell is not a panacea. You rulers and decision makers in the land of our dearly loved Prophet (pbuh) when are you going to stop begging for your survival? When are you going to stop shaking hands that drip with Muslim blood? You were ordered by your masters in Washington to bring the price of petroleum down and you obeyed them. They wanted to bleed the economies of Islamic Iran and counter-NATO Russia and you were used for those purposes. Your political bosses trapped you in Yemen the way they trapped Saddam in Kuwait; and you still cannot figure out what is being done to you!

Your mistakes are monumental and your errors are of epic proportions: you supported Saddam Hussein and the result now is a hellhole in Iraq. You were used to topple Muammar Qaddafi and now Libya is another hellhole. You are trying to repeat these two scenarios in Syria and Yemen and turn Syria and Yemen into yet more hellholes. Your hate-filled graduates are all over the map shedding innocent blood, raping innocent women, chewing on human organs, and creating enemies out of friends… and friends out of enemies…

Saudi jahili Arabia is befriending everyone in the world to survive the inevitable Islamic awakening. It is in the interest of the people in Arabia and beyond that Saudi Arabia not only improves its relations with Russia but more importantly with Islamic Iran —politically and economically — as well as with China and Syria against the metastasizing of the Zionist interest throughout a fragmented geo-political Muslim East.

These concluding words are addressed to every Zio-Saudi official: haven’t you had enough time to learn from your dichotomous positions with Saddam Hussein: first you financed him to try and defeat Islamic Iran and then you turned around and financed his enemies to defeat him!?

Can’t you see how deceitful you’ve been: you pay lip service to the Ikhwan al-Muslimeen but then you go full throttle against them when they are fairly and popularly elected as the legitimate government in Egypt!?

Do you not realize that you are two-faced when you educate takfiris and have them graduate with honors; then they go to their lands of origin in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen (among other places) and you then go out to bomb them and kill them wherever the opportunity presents itself?

Your “nifaq” is legendary, your treachery in infamous, and your “jahl” is well-known.

Doomed are the hands of the patriarch of the inferno, and doomed is he. Never will his wealth or his revenue avail him. He shall have to endure a flaring fire… (111:1–3).

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 5

Ramadan 14, 14362015-07-01

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