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Producer Spielberg to make millions more from “Amistad”

Jews’ role in slave trade
Crescent International

Africa was depopulated by the European slave traders. The suffering of African slaves in America has no comparison in human history. It was systematic, well-thought out, and laid the basis of America’s wealth and Africa’s poverty. Till today the descendants of slaves are suffering from the trauma of their ancestors. “Your name is not Kunte Kinte but Toby. Your foot will be chopped off to stop you from escaping.” Repeated rape, as a routine of life, was the fate of the African woman brought to America.

Prof Tony Martin and others have docurmented the fact that Jews played a leading role in the slave trade. [See Muslimedia Archives: Features - “Who Brought Slaves to America?”, issue no.23]

In Germany, the Jews suffered, as did many others. With the defeat of Germany, the Germans suffered. The German suffering has now been documented even by Jews. The rebuilding of Germany brought compensation to the Jews to the tune of billions of dollars. The process of compensation continues and Germany is second only to the US in helping to finance and arm the illegitimate settler state of Israel which has been carved out by European powers from the heartland of Islam.

For 50 years, Americans have been hit hard by the Jewish version of the Second World War. The Jews have tried hard to ensure that their propaganda should be accepted as fact. Such acceptance helps to direct a steady stream of dollars and weapons to Israel. The Jews in America have created such a monopoly for their version of the war that movies like Schindler’s List are taken as gospel truth by millions of innocent Americans.

In the meantime there has been a vast awakening among the African-American people. A realization has emerged that liberals and Jews have been exploiting the trauma of slave history. The media can direct Black sentiment often at will. However, the emergence of African-American fight-back has upset the plans of the Jews. The ADL in combination with the New York Timestried to stop the Million Man March. They failed. In the Two Million Women march too, the Jewish-controlled media were sidelined. Against African-Americans, the Jews are on the retreat.

In that perspective, the moves of President Clinton and now Steven Spielberg’s new movie can be understood. Clinton thinks that he can simply apologize for the Tuskegee experiment. He thought that worked out in such nice media hype that he started putting old feelers that he would now apologize for slavery! How simple! How Easy!

Along comes Spielberg with a movie called “Amistad”. He luxuriates in the suffering of the slaves. Entertainment Jewish style means putting the brutal misery and degradation of helpless, naked Africans on the wide screen so that America’s well-fed Blacks and Whites should feel that they have atoned in some way by watching the misery.

Spielberg’s exploitative movie was introduced coast-to-coast by Oprah Winfrey. People like her have been allowed to emerge as media stars because they never challenge the power structure. The rich Jews (oberjugend in Hans Schmidt’s terms) are her best friends. One of the richest movie makers, Spielberg was talking to the richest fat cat Black woman in America about the misery of naked slaves brought from Africa. Obscenity of obscenities!

Source: New Trend, Kingsville, MD, USA

Muslimedia: January 1-15, 1998

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 26, No. 21

Ramadan 02, 14181998-01-01

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